Message from higherSelf 8 March 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean – Experience

Multidimensional Ocean

1620433_10152047602074023_12481643_n Experience every day on Earth as the true gift that it is. Experience all aspects of your being at anytime. It is not possible to experience yourself alive, and from above. Sometimes, or most of times, you are engulfed in your existence on the planet, identified with your life.
The expression of this can be joy, love, peace, but also stress, anxiety, work, anger and all rainbows of experiences available to you on Earth.
You have been experiencing many aspects of life on Earth over time. Again and again, you have incarnated into life in 3D under multiple forms, aspects, positively or negatively polarized.
The aim of those incarnations is no other than to experience all the facets of your being, of the One, which you are part of.

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