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Fabulous Reading and Healing Sale for November after Words of Wisdom for your Body Temple

Bless every part of your body temple daily. Direct your attention to every part and speak words of life and feel the essence of the Pure White Light of Christ melting through you. It will bring you a healing, renewing, restoring life wherever it is needed. As you learn to do this daily with faith and love, you will begin to notice a difference in the way your body is vibrating in everyday life. It may be small signs of healing, at first, but as you notice and bless these signs, they will grow. Man is made of light and light always negates the darkness. Light is the essence of all energy that we live move and have our being in.
When you have taken time to relax and to feel that God is moving in and through every part of your mind and body, you will feel restored and renewed. You will feel the light and life of the Christ radiant within you. Focus on the light to show you the way and you will not be led astray. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria


Fabulous Sale for November:
Many of you have been asking me when there will be another sale run on the Written Language of Light encoded works that I do. I have decided to run this sale through November to give you all a chance to take advantage of it. And is is a bargain discount. Originally $42.11 on Sale for $35.11. I am excited to share this with you all and look forward to working with you.
Usually it is 3 to 4 questions that I go to the Meadow in Telos and meet the Master that you have requested, most of the time it is Adama or Lord Ganesha, But many masters show up if asked for them directly. We address it from what they see and wisdom they impart and it is light encoded with healing and vibrations to rise yours in the path you are on.
As an added bonus for those that order this written reading, I am also extending the last months sale to them, cut in half basically, so 6 readings/healings sessions for $175.11, as an extra added bonus. Don’t miss out! This is the Month to give Thanks and I am giving back in this way from my heart. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria¬† EMail Letitia with Questions at