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Spirit within

Focus your mind in the Value of Having. See the joy of a childs laugh around you. Know the love of an animal for you. Feel the brush of an Angel’s wing on your cheek. All that you have ever wanted could be yours, just reach out, grab it and believe! But, remember it all starts from within. Within is those moments that you walk with Adama, High Priest of Telos, in the meadow’s and just discuss the joy of life and laugh. Beauty is the moments that we know that we are most loved and cared for by so many that we have no idea who they are, yet you can feel them. Can’t you? Imagine…Don’t doubt your imagination. Yes, it does take practice, but let me tell you, when it really starts opening doors for you, you will never let the practice go! Imagine that every Being that you have ever resided in physically is with you now. Time is linear. Sit and close your eyes. Now feel every other body that you have been becoming a part of you again. The wisdom and joy of the moment will fill your heart to the brim. I have been working in this way for the past week. It has been monumental for me. Just remember this. All the Wondrous gifts of the universe are found within. And, there is nothing that can permanently satisfy you that is a monetary item. However, you may walk richly in this life if you choose to set Spirit and oneness first and know that the monetary is just a demonstration of the beauty within.
Spirit in us transcends our personal self. we need to think of the transcendent power in us. What we put into our consciousness is important. We can identify ourself with that which is less than we are; or we can identify ourself with the Truth about us, which is that we are a spiritual being having a human experience.
Adama says People come to Earth for the very purpose of forging their spiritual mastery. But, unless it is diligently worked on, it simply does not happen. The biggest hurdle to overcome is this “You are and have already the tools to be enough.” You are already enough! You don’t need to change a thing to be more, you just need to accept all that you are as a beloved child of Spirit. Listen to that still small voice within you and walk in the know. Many blessings will start coming your way. I can attest to that. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria