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Fantastic October Sale through Letitia of Lemuria

Are you looking for a deeply insightful Intuitive that is tuned in to Loving and Healing Masters?
Are you needing a Light Healing through the Modalities of Crystals, Prayers, Chants and Reiki Attunments?
Are you needing Spiritual Guidance about the direction of your life and where you are going OR Are you
wishing to have direct contact with Spirit and Direction on how to become more intuned and deeper in
touch with your own Guides, Guardian Angels and How to contact the Ascended Masters and More?

Then you have come to the right place. Letitia of Lemuria is excited to offer this exciting deal for the month of October. Buy 5 Reading/Healing/and Spiritual Teaching Sessions and get 5 free, (Thats $850.11 worth of sessions, at a fantastic discount of only $355.11. Don’t pass this opportunity up).

These sessions can be done via phone or Skype, if in Canada or USA, and are very full of powerful and important information for your future and towards the greater Ascension of Mankind. This is the time to start opening up your mind to the Truth that…/there-is-no-o…/You Are A True Angel, one of the Eliohm themselves and this is the time to awaken to your truth. Walk with Letitia through the doors that will open in this great offer, for you.
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