Selacia – Stand Up for Yourself to Shift Your Life in 2014 – 3-7-14

Higher Density Blog

Friday, 7 March, 2014

When a friend wants support or simply a vote of confidence, you likely respond and do what you can.

After all, compassion and support for others is wired into your nature.

It’s encoded in your DNA to care about others and to step in when a loved one feels down or wants encouragement.

Acknowledge yourself for stepping in and being that rock of support.

As you help others, in even simple ways, you lift your own energy higher and accelerate your spiritual progress.

Question for March 2014

The question this month is this: Are you able to stand up for yourself as you do for others?

If you haven’t considered this idea recently, March is an excellent time to do so.

This month’s energies will catalyze a review of self-worth and self-love – perhaps triggering reflection of how true you are able to be with yourself.

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