The Same Spark

When you start to realize that you are a spiritual being having a human experience, you will notice that good starts to flow in and around you because cellularly you will understand the truth about our existence here on earth.  We came here just to be and to support Mother Earth in her journey of life for the wholeness of the Universe itself. We are so much more than we remember and if you but learn to go within and ask, you will start to remember the truth and then begin to walk your version of it here in the wholeness of you. When you learn to live in the wholeness of you, you will be contributing to all BEings on and within this great planet in ways you may not ever know.
Through this recognition of our spiritual nature we touch the power which controls all of life. It is the same power that is our Source in the Universe and that Source within us. We are all of the same spark.  Once you tap into this spark and breathe it into every aspect of your life, you begin to release and know that God has a mutual partnership with you for you to become the success you want to be. Be open and receptive to the ideas that come to you. Do not discredit them. If you don’t like them, bless these thoughts/ideas and be open for others. Life shouldn’t be rigid. When all is right and you are in the flow, you become like a Willow Tree and sway softly not fighting any more.  We are all part of the Great I AM and we all have access to the prosperity and abundance of the Universe, unlimit the human in you and walk with the divine spirit of the Great I AM. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria http://www.letitia-of-lemuria Channeller of Ascended Masters, Healer of Light and Psychic Intuitive Image


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