Archive | May 2014

Readings and Sales

Due to the popularity of the sale last week. I will again run the sale of Buy one phone reading and get one @ 3/4 off. This will run through June 6th. Booking times are pretty variable. Also take advantage of the written and light encoded readings too. It is with delight I continue these sales to help others with access to the answers they need.


Deeply Insightful and compassionate Readings

Be sure to take advantage of the Reading sale that continues only 24 more hours. Are you looking for an intuit that is really connected to spirit and dedicated to helping you find the answers you need and the path to take in which to reach those goals and desires? Through tomorrow, buy one phone reading get another 3/4 off! Amazing deal. Email me if you have questions ShaHaley11@yahoo.comImage

Naturally in the Flow of Life

Have the knowing of “That which you seek is seeking you, while that which you desire to release from your life, is finding its way into other welcoming hands.” This is part of living naturally in the flow of life. There is a smooth and endless flow of good from one point in life and one person, place or thing to another. It is with resistance and doubt that the flow stops happening. So, walk you life and fill your life with joyous expectancy and unshakeable certainty and delight. The Universe knows what it is doing and always has, do you doubt the Universe and its flow? When you relax in life, learn to breathe and have the knowing that all things are in perfect order, you will become more at peace and life will bless you and yours. Walk in the knowing and all things will be yours with the delight of the creator. Step forward in confidence and show the children the way of peace, joy and harmony and our future will be a brighter one indeed. In Love and Light, Letitia of LemuriaImage