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Changing our world

How do you change the world for yourself and others? Do Not Fight the Mass Media when you witness what they portray as how the world is. Instead, bless the images and reports and then turn that news off. Do not let it become a part of your consciousness, because when you do, it adds to the power of the darkness that is loosing hold upon us in all reality. They struggle to keep our attention and to keep our fear. Empower yourselves and your brothers and sisters by not adding energy into these depictions of their views of life on Mother Earth, Change your life by picturing the best for yourself and for others around you. Stop all mind drama and picturing yourself as weak or misunderstood. Dwell on Love and Joy and Beauty and you will soon start attracting it. Praise and Bless every sign of improvement in your life. That includes health, children, jobs, and financial affairs. Realize that you cannot force your good! BUT you can invite it. We invite the good by dwelling on the Good! When we change what we think, we change what we attract. Although we cannot force good into our life, we can INVITE it by dwelling on it. When we do this, our good appears sometimes in the most amazing of ways. Make today the day that you start to invite blessings into your life. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria www.letitia-of-lemuria.comImage


Imaginations Power

Imagination is a joyous and wonderful gift that God gave us. We need to be diligent in how we direct our thoughts and we also need to control our fears. As with all words, imagination is neutral and only does as your mind and emotions direct it to. You must learn to trust and turn your fears and the emotional ties to them over to the Creator and let him shine his everlasting and healing light upon them to make them whole. Our imagination is our gift from the Creator that transports, transcends, and elevates you to higher levels. So, what is your will for your imagination? Do you wish to create a harmonious and happy world? Or are you still going to take another person’s view and follow right along behind? Or let those fears that are the movies in your mind take over your every actions for your future movie? I guarantee that if you start standing up to yourself and the way your mind keeps focusing on negative and unhappy thoughts, and you turn them around to happy and joyous ones, you will not only begin to change your life, but those of the people surrounding you cannot help to benefit too. If you cannot change yourself positively for yourself, then do it for the Creator and your brothers and sisters that walk the Earth with you. Make it your purpose everyday to pledge yourself to only adding to the good in the Mass Mind consciousness and refuse to add power to the negative. You can deliberately unplug yourself from the Mass Mind Consciousness everyday and deliberately plug into the Christ Consciousness. It must be your own choice though, for God didn’t make us to be puppets, our free will is to be used for us, or against us as we direct. Deliberately choose to imagine beauty, love, joy and laughter and it will return to you tenfold, you just have to believe. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria http://www.letitia-of-lemuria-comImageImage

The Great I AM

Great good can be sent out into the world by simply meditating daily on the words “I AM,” Meaning (God Indwelling) or “I AM that I AM'” Meaning (God Universal) and also the powerful name “Jesus Christ.” When you meditate on the name “Jesus Christ,” it can restore your good to you in an instant. Think of what you could do when you meditate on that name for another? Rush less in life and meditate more. You will be surprised at what the Universe has to show you. Give thanks to your world around you and watch it in turn prosper you and yours. Dedicate your life to growing your mastery of the soul and your life will be blessed as will that of those around you. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria www.letitia-of-lemuria.comImage

Lisa Gawlas – Cellular Ascension – Harnessing our Full Power!

Beautifully written!

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 the Light of YOU


Lisa Gawlas

As I am sitting here, wishing I was asleep or at least, had slept more than two hours last evening, I am fully realizing the importance of the equation I have been living this past week.  The power and absolute value of our (human) mind in relation to our full on cellular ascension.

So many of us have gotten to this incredible moment in our time knowing we had to get out of our minds in order to reach a level of vibration that would support and allow our ascension (raise in vibration.)  Getting out of our minds have allowed us to actually clear the old, dirty debris field that was our minds.  Negative thoughts and attitudes, our (old) desires to please others and so on.  Getting out of our old human mind, we had to employ our spiritual mind and allow that…

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Archangel Michael – Solstice Platform to 2014 – New Earth, New Human Qualities of Being – Expect Wonderful – Meredith Murphy Channels – 12-22-13

Beautiful! I work with Archangel Michael daily and he does so much to change ones lives!

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Greeting Dear Friends and Family of Light,

The new energies are opening up for you new qualities of being. You have been tasting these on and off for some time now, but at last the reformatting of your bodies, is for many of you front-of-the-pack awakened ones, reaching resonance with sustained experiences of these qualities.

With this availability emerging, we felt — the Council of Light, the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light and the Archangelic League — it was time to come together and speak to the New Human’s qualities in way that is clear and will distinguish this for you, from previous versions of human expression.
5 Distinct Qualities of the New Human

The New Human has 5 essential qualities of experience, which are now available almost entirely sustained, for those capable of also generating sustained resonance. These experiences are:

Sovereign Energy Fulfillment
Neutral Perception
Loving Awareness…

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Following your inner guidance

Do not accept blindly what other well meaning people think of you or of your life. Always, Always go within and counsel with the Great I AM before swallowing another’s ideas on their views of you, or what you do. When someone brings an opinion to light about you or your life, ask yourself first if your ego is removed from processing the information given, then go within to your divine source, that part of you that is always connected to the Great I AM and examine all angles of the information shared with you. You will receive the truth for yourself if you approach all challenges and angles of life in this manner. If your source does not agree with that other opinion, then bless that person and send them love and light from your heart and then release them back to their own truth. Thank them for the great lesson that they taught you and walk in the truth you know to be your divine guidance. There are many different steps on the Ladder to heaven, my grandmother always shared with me. She was so wise and I have been able to apply that in my life in so many ways. We are all from different star systems in the Universe. There is no one set way, one set plan to achieve what your mission in life is. As long as you know that you are walking in the Pure White Light of the Christed Self and are approaching everything in your life with the highest of intentions, then you are on the right path and do not let others sway you from it. Always ask that any messages, activities, encounters and life experiences with their lessons be brought into the Purity of the White Light of Christ and to make your answers to your questions bold and clear to you and you will be led in a divine and loving way. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria