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Letitia’s Promise Class with Lord Ganesha, Lord Adama and St. Germain

****** Letitia’s Promise Class****** The Long awaited interactive class towards you Manifestation power in partnership with Letitia, Lord Ganesha, Lord Adama and St. Germain.

Here it is at last folks, that class you been wishing to do in regards to working through those closed doors in your mind to achieving that one hearts desire that you just know should be yours by divine right. Yes! By Divine Right. It is God’s good wishes for his children to succeed.

Are you looking for a class that will really help you to get to the bottom of that one thing that has always held you back from Manifesting Your Destiny? Are you tired of having readings and then wonder what you should do to help those outcomes seen manifest for you? Sometimes after a reading/channelled message from the Ascended Masters, you float on euphoria afterwards and then get a big let down when you just can’t quite understand how that pie in the sky predicted thing is going to manifest for you and yours.

These series of classes are designed just for you, as a unique individual, with Letitia of Lemuria working in tandem with Lord Ganesha, Lord Adama, and St. Germaine. They are given with you via the phone as Letitia Channelling information individually for you and your life from each of the three Masters above. You will get down to the nitty gritty on what has been holding you back from your success.

And Have No Doubt, you will be receiving homework and have to make some strides yourself towards Manifesting Your Destiny. You have your own unique Source and with the Masters help and guidance with each of these one on one classes, you will speak to the Masters, You will be given tools to apply to your own situations and individualities, and you will see results happen that step you forward into that Prosperous future that the Masters will help you see.

Prosperity and Abundance have many different meanings


The Wisdom of Breath-Have you found it?

Dear Ones,
Walk with me. It is I, Adama, High Priest of Telos. I am so glad that you could come and be here with me today. We are in a meadow that has all of the kinds of soft grass and wild flowers of the most beautiful colours your imagination can picture. Can you feel the sun on your face? Feel that soft breeze rolling in. Oh how we love to curl our toes into the beautiful grass and thank it for the way it blesses our feet and our daily lives. Look around you as we walk. We are in one of my favourite meadows, on the Animal level of Telos and it is such a beautiful time to walk and be with you all here today. I invited you here today to discuss a few important tips to add to your spiritual growth.

Do you feel as though the world is spinning faster and faster right now and you just can’t keep up with it all? This is an indication to slow down. Do you realize that 80% of your women on the surface of Mother Earth, do not know how to truly breathe correctly any more? I am speaking about the natural breath of life directly as your body was created to do, from the diaphragm. This is because of the hurried and fast paces that you all live on the surface of Gaia. The Breath of Life is one of the most important tools to learning how to tune into the rhythm of live, the beat of the Universe and to travelling within to your own inner source.

Do you see how many walls and changes that are being implemented to bring about  better and more enlightened ways to lead ones life? This channel has mentioned oh so many times that she is so glad that wall came for her 4 years ago. As are we! Talk about one doing a 360, and because she went through these changes willingly, so many wonders of life and gifts she always wanted to develop are at her fingertips. She will tell you that it takes hard work, determination and the deepest of faiths to crawl out of your old shells and ways of life, but the time has come, my dear ones, for you all to meta morph into your most true and divine beings. And so I will remind you that one of the most important steps to your growth is learning to focus on your breath.
Learn to walk in your everyday lives and notice the Lady Bug on the Flower you pass, Bless it and thank it for the job that it is doing that God created it to do. Stand for a moment with your back against a tree and breathe in the breath of life, breathe in the vibration of the tree and see your feet growing roots that revile in grounding deep with Mother Earth. Can you fell the heart beat of Mother Earth herself? We of Inner Earth Spaces have learned to match the frequency of heart beats within her and it is oh so sad for us to see how so many of you never get the chance to focus and be one with Gaia. She has so much to tell you, when you join with her at the heart space that is always there for you, she will show you the Joy of Life in Perfect Expression of Wholeness and the Oneness of the Universe. She is so happy to have climbed so high once again and is able to leave the fetters of these past 13 millennia in the dust, so to say. She dearly wishes to take all her children with her on this grand journey of Ascension. But you must do the work. Nobody but you can hear the song of your soul and focus on the true desires of your heart.
Take moments in your busy days to dedicate even 2 minutes to honouring your source. Watch your breath and focus on grounding yourself. I can promise you that even dedicating these few golden moments to centering you throughout the day, will begin to bring the richness of life itself into your focus. We in Telos, wish you all to know that we invite you to this meadow in your minutes of centering with your source. We are here to help you and we have had this meadow for our uses for so long that the melody and harmony here is a golden blanket to throw over you and help you through your challenges on the surface. Here in this meadow, you will find many delights of nature and the animals will visit you, if you ask them to. They delight in interaction and play. Let their joy fill your souls here too. We are here, as are the many other BEings in Mother Earth and out in the Universe. Know that you have the bounties and promise of the Creator at your hands now and you need but to reach out and BElieve.
You may stay here a bit longer or return to your everyday lives. But our invitation to share is here for you. Please learn to ask from the Heavenly Host that is at your fingertips in these most historical times. More help is available to mankind, than ever before in Mother Earth’s history.

In the deepest of Love and Respect, Adama, High Priest of TelosImage

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Letitia of Lemuria is a Psychic, a Channel of Ascended BEings and a Lightworker. She is also a Fellow Human Being on the surface of the Earth walking with you.


Auspicious Times



Everyday now you are going to hear more and more word of people seeing and having incredible manifestations of prosperity, hope, miracles and joy. We, within Mother Earth and the Galactic in the skies above you, are going to be making our presence known in many exciting and new ways. Let these frequencies of delight from others help to lift your own. Focus your whole being on living consciously and walking in your power. This kind of power isn’t the kind that over throws another’s soul and points of view. This kind of power is from walking in the truth of you, as a whole person with all your DNA attached and in a row. 

Honour the different beliefs of your neighbours, family and friends and do not harshly judge them because they are different and don’t see things from your stand point. The time has come for mankind to find out about Unity. Unity is the incorporation of all ways of thought, beliefs, words and beings. Unity encompasses the wholeness of all and honours the differences. So, when negative things happen in your world, and some days they seem to be more prevalent than others, just notice them and let them go to their highest good, even if it doesn’t seem to be on your ladder to the path that you wish to be going. We want you to learn to focus on the path that you are on and walk in the light of that path. In so doing, you will attract to you, the people, situations and circumstances to help uplift you even higher. Keep this heightened outlook on life for all of humanity. You see, with the old pattern of thinking and living on Earth’s Surface, most people were taught early on in their lives, to watch what others did and then speak harshly about it to elevate one own self to seem better than others. This way of thinking is very out of date and destructive. Not only to the person you are slandering, but mostly to yourself. The old ways of thinking were to belittle another for their differences in opinions, beliefs, ways of communicating and so many various others. Be sure, beloveds, this is out dated and you must know by now that you are all connected. A part of the whole, as we are a part of you. Every little Atom in this Universe is intelligent and wise in it’s own wonderful way. When you link that Atom to another, they bond and unit in their like ways, then they start to vibrate with the same frequencies. This doesn’t mean that they over came one another.!more-from-adama-high-priest-of-telos/c18klImage

The Hathors – Lion’s Gate Portal August 8th & 25th – THEME MAGIC – EXPANSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS

The Hathors – Lion’s Gate Portal August 8th & 25th – THEME MAGIC – EXPANSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS.


I woke up at 4 AM this morning with a mission that I had to do. Unknowingly listening to the message of today, that is above. This touched my soul deeply and I needed to share with you, my brothers and sisters of light. My meditation this morning wasn’t as profound as the above, but it was one of deep trust and love. In Love and Light to you all! Letitia of Lemuria

Carrying the Light

There has never been a time when it has been more important than ever to walk and talk the life you BElieve in. I, Zohar of Shamballa, am from a very ancient lineage of BEings that first settled within Gaia. How many Eons ago, isn’t really important. Suffice it to say that I have witnessed and at times even walked among you beautiful souls that travel the surface of this Great Pearl. Yes, it is true that Shamballa is my home, but I have made myself adaptable, I guess you would say that I can become a shape shifter and as I have walked among you, you have no knowledge because I have learned to blend well.

Recently, I took a trip to New York and Washington DC. All I will say at this time, was that I was a representative of light and was “on top” to do some witnessing and sharing towards your greater good. I took some time to walk with you in your daily lives. Oh, Loved Ones, from some of you, I saw your Aura’s radiating such beautiful lights, and others that were still lost. What I wish to address today is the few Beautiful lights that I saw trying to influence the “status quo” of the others. Dearest Ones, the greatest advice I want to give you, is to just BE. When you try to push your loving light upon others, it actually becomes a repellent and the recipient, not knowing what is happening, will push the light that they do not understand aside and therefore your light stops. Do you see what!zohar-of-shamballa/c1s2r

Channelled by Letitia of Lemuria
 Psychic Healer, Light and Energy Healer, Channel of Ascended Masters and Fellow Human Being
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Upholding the Faith

Do you begin each day by saying to yourself: I take only the good from each experience, past and present and I let the rest go? Then begin to think of your life as you want it to be? Change your point of view about your life and your points of view of those around you. Do you have a Spiritual Friend that you really trust to hold the highest good for you at all times? They do not even have to know the desires you have put forth in the Universe, it is the thoughts of your highest good that go forth into the Universe and bring back to you that good. You will soon raise your vibration to the level that they see you at.  Do you always see the highest in your neighbours, family and friends? Did you know that when you hold the highest awareness for another, you are also wishing the best for yourself? Always ask for spirits help in the new view of life that you see for yourself.
Do not be put off your dreams by appearances that do not seem to be unfolding. This is just Gods way of working out the details. Know that road blocks are only a way that Spirit is having you step back and take a look at things from a better and higher angle. We are all entitled to the opportunities, privileges and blessings of the Universe. We are all energy and energy begins in Light. Have you ever worked with various colours of light when you meditate? It can be so beneficial to your day to just step back and prepare yourself for the Abundance of the Universe to flow into your life. Always hold these thoughts for everyone around you. And a very important tip I can tell you is that when you hold the highest good for your brothers and sisters, then you will soon see that highest good unfolding for you.
Prepare to become ready to accept your good. Dream big and when road blocks come up and have seemingly no door to go through, let go. Some days you may need to just reach out to that very important person that holds the highest thoughts for you and dump. This is a very big lesson that I, Letitia, am relearning. Do run about like the sky is falling when times get hard. Speak to that friend that holds the highest thoughts for you and then go within and hear what that Source of you has to say. Many answers may come, or just one. Be prepared to act upon it, as you receive it. The doors of that wall will open and you will walk into a new pattern of faith in the Universe. Always remember that there has to be balance. A time to pray, a time to wait and visualize and a time for action and the miracle to manifest. This all revolves around faith and knowing thy Source. Are you walking through a pattern like this in your life?
I have the guidance of my Guides and Guardian Angles, plus the Ascended Masters, but I can really tell you that I have times like the above and the precious gifts that God gives us to fall back upon in those times of need, are so beautiful. And I raise my hands and praise that I can walk through that door and have others that hold me up high. It is my greatest desire for you and yours too. Be all that you can be. Walk in the highest of good and trust. I know that soon, all the promises of the Universe and the messages that we, as channels of light, have been receiving and reporting daily, are going to manifest and it will be Glorious to behold. Keep the faith, but also know there are those to lean on in your needed times. For me, you know who you are and no words can match my love for you.
In Love and Light,
Letitia of Lemuria
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Message of Hope from Adama, High Priest of Telos

Dearest Ones,

You are at a time that so many things are happening and you have so much support from within Gaia and out in the Galactic surrounding your Pearl of a planet. For so long you have believed that you were alone, but with more and more people awakening at this time, now you are having a flood of information channelled for you to read on the internet. It has even gone to the point of you wondering if any of it is true; Yes? This is also another time for you to hone your discernment skills that you have worked on for so long.

Let me tell you this. Where one message may sing to your neighbour and uplift them, another may sing to you. At this time, Letitia skims over the messages and trusts her instincts on which ones to read. As she is so sensitive to energies, some days she may not read anything and just rely on us to communicate to her and let her regular guides lead her in trust. It all comes back to you counselling within the heart of you. That is what your life is all about. Trusting your Source. Your Source is connected to the most High. Would the most High lead you wrong?

Using your inner soft voice isn’t about caving into that larger voice of ego. It is about trusting yourself. The Ego plays it’s part and is an incorporation of the whole, but that still soft voice within will never lead you wrong.

We, of Telos, had to learn this the hard way. We agreed to develop and grow without any others helping us when we created Telos, within Mt. Shasta. We had our guides that reached out though, but they came when we were ready. Mikos of Agartha and Zohar of Shamballa have been there to guide and help us to stretch our horizon’s within, from very early on. They have become a part of our lives and now our friendships have forged new adventures and we are now stepping up to let you on the surface know, deep in your hearts, that we are here. This isn’t a gig or a fairy tale.!apps-page/c20kw


Channelled by Letitia of Lemuria

Channel of Ascended Beings, Psychic Healer, Healer of Light and Energy and Fellow Human on Earth’Images Surface

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