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Spotlight Saturday!!

Spotlight Saturday!!.


Hilarion – August 31 – September 7, 2014

Oracles and Healers


Beloved Ones,

As you move through each day, stay centered within your sacred heart space and send love and blessings to all that is around you. Practice this until it is an innate part of your constant experience. You are beings of light and love and this is the reason you are here during these turbulent times. Your calming and loving presence is much needed and you each have the capacity to create calm and peace within the sphere of your influence. This sphere is much larger than you can imagine, Dear Ones, and gives upliftment to those within it. Continue to be the blessing of the divine in human form, for this is your purpose and your destiny. Release all doubts that may impinge upon your human consciousness telling you otherwise. Believe in yourselves, that you are bearers of light and of love, that you bring healing to those…

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Being with the Knowing

Beautiful ones, it is in delight today that I come to you. Delight in the joy of life and living freely and wholly in the pureness of ones own physicality. So many of you have literally learned to love the now moments of late, that it is tipping the status quo of energy here on the surface of our planet today. It is in the BEing that you will learn the Knowing of your mission and purpose in life. It all comes in accepting yourself as you are in this moment now. You can be no greater that you are now, beloveds. And there is no one person that is greater than the other. We are all parts of the whole and one cell in a mass of cells that make up the wholeness of life with Mother Earth. No one part of you can live separate from Mother Earth herself. She loves and enfolds her beloved children in the mantle of her love moment to moment and is love in the purest expression in itself. 1519adc85a0c4745afe361d11556de72

Focus not on the pain and destruction that is so prevalent in your media today.  It is most important to send love and light to these places, but not to carry that with you through your every living moment. It will be okay, beloveds. We that are helping will not let the destruction of our planet happen again. The time for help has come and we have helpers everywhere present. So pray, sent light and then return to your body and be present in your life 100%. This is how you help the ones that need support in their times of tragedy. You must not carry it into your moments that you live your life, or the essence of “It ” will creep into your life and your world and the pain will grow. Notice I didn’t even focus on what “it” was, but you got the gist of what I said and the energy isn’t carried on in this message of light. You must be conscious of what you create and know that each and every thing you do has consequences for you and your brothers and sisters of light. What you choose to eat, the relationships you choose to have, the sun in your life that you choose to let in, they all have life of their own and it is in how you direct your thoughts, words and actions that is how you play it out for the world. So, I ask you to live wholly in your physicality and live it consciously. Try to not retreat constantly into the astro flights and life only a wee bit consciously. Instead, take your flights and your meditations and bless them and then return to your body and consciously live the life you chose to when you entered into this carnation. This is a tough lesson that this channel herself could tell you about and how she had to return to living life consciously and stay in her body at all times. She would retreat and only be partially in herself. Many of you have learned to do this in coping in your everyday life. But the time to do that has come to an end and we need to call upon you to be present and in the now moments at all times. It is for the wholeness of all, beautiful ones. For the wholeness of all. corazon-luminico

You are the sum of so many lives upon and within this great planet and from the other origins of our Universe. There is no One right way to live and there is only the now. Become a part of the New Human here on earth today. That is one that is conscious and in the now moments creating the tomorrows that we all seek. Beloveds, what you seek is already in you. Becoming friends with your source and validating the messages that you receive are the first steps in honoring the past lives that you have had. Yes, the answers you seek are there, but they are to be found in the now moments and those quiet moments of honoring life itself in the very breath you breathe. The shift is happening, yet you need not worry if you are part of it, or if you have what it takes to ascend. Beloveds, I say it again. You are and have all you need within you to attain the spirituality and lives you dream to lead. The way, the truth and the light is within you. Not out there….right there, within that spark that is undeniably you and always has been the value of you. 1186724_602120896527756_966326801_n

Embrace yourselves just as you are, right now, in this moment and the life and knowledge and wisdom that you seek is right there with you. Never, and I say, Never push yourself to become more Holy! Beloveds, you already are Holy because you are of the ONE! Does this make sense to you? My way, here in Shamballa, nor before I started representing the wholeness of us within Mother Earth to you above, isn’t your way to become one with source, but that doesn’t make you or me wrong! It is in the honoring of one another that we will all find our way in this new world that we are all creating together. Remember, as above, so below. We too, in Mother Earth, contribute to the wholeness of our evolution to the Ascension here as One Cell we walk with you too. It is a balance of all things that contribute to the giant steps that we are making here on our planet today. Embrace your lives and walk in your now moments. Know that we are all walking this journey together and we are all equal. You are beloved to us that have watched your progress for eons now. Relax beloveds, for you have all the alchemy you need in the breath of life and the joy of living. I give my peace to you. Call upon me if you need to talk, and please don’t doubt that I will be there. Trust yourselves and know we walk beside you in love. So it is. Namaste. Zohar of Shamballa9503d70a0d9bcc00d0a785531d5dd0fc

In Love and Light, 
Letitia of Lemuria
Intuitive readings and Healer of Light


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