There is No One Way, but Love Guides the Way for All

Greetings Brothers and Sisters of Gaia’s Surface,

I am Zohar of Shamballa and inner Earth Nations, come to you today from Telos and am walking in the Meditation Gardens at this time. It has been awhile since we spoke and I will tell you that I have been active with the Federation and United Nations in bringing about the good to come. I have come to rejuvenate and speak from this place of peace with you today. The colors here within Gaia are so brilliant and the smells are so strongly scented, yet soft on your pallet as you breath them in. Not so much to overwhelm you, like the spray scents you all have upon the surface that can go straight into giving one a head ache, as Letitia would say. I am talking to you to validate deep in your heart spaces that Peace is coming, beloved ones and to encourage you to process the News and world around you, as you hear it and then take it within to process the truth that fills your heart. Not the Dark stuff that is still filtering in to sway your vibrations and deter you from your ultimate goals you started many lifetimes ago.


I wish to relay to you that I have known many of you that read this now, in so many of your other incarnations too. It has been my task to be a guardian, shall we say, from within Gaia and try to watch and guide you as you grew and went your paths towards the enlightenment that you chose to add to the rich flavor of the dynamic species that HUman’s brought to the planet so many millenia ago. There are so many different blends of you now that have worked together for so long that you have fought so long to forge ahead in life and really so many of you have tried not to be distracted by the negativity and I am here to tell you that my barometer for these things is much better than your News programs and the positive vibrations upon the surface are truly lifting because so many of you are not being distracted by all the propaganda that is flooding your news lines and internet waves. And I come today to validate you and applaud your not getting tied up in the negativity!

Now what I am going to tell you is that the last vestiges of Negativity will be fading faster than it feels around you in your world and lives right now. Do not be distracted by any negative vibrations that may be around you in your world and daily life, just acknowledge them and allow your inner self to have the knowing that you have only to call in the light of healing and protection that is in alignment with the Way of Love for this Universe and all others too, and you will be protected. This build’s your faith as you learn to work daily with igniting the flame of truth within self. It takes dedication to stick on your spiritual path, but beloveds, look at the dedication that it took for you to volunteer for this planet to help the Universe in alignment with returning to the ONE by being the key to connecting all the beautiful strands of magic in your DNA and igniting the ANGELS WITHIN YOU. Yes, beautiful ones, you have the souls of Angels and have had to forge through a lot of barricades in so many of your incarnations, that you have forgotten the truth of your royal origins.

We have given you all hints of this, over time. The fact that you are all of the Angels and your sacrifice for the missions that you came here so long ago, to live out, have been noted and cherished by us all that have been walking beside you along the way. Many, many millenia, some of you made the contract to come here and it was from many of the original 12 planets of the counsel that helped to birth HUmanity. You have all played a part in this spiritual growth and with your perseverance, those that are reading this now, that is and dedication to the deep knowing that it would benefit all BEings of this Universe and beyond your continued ahead each time with the inner knowing that there was truly a higher purpose to the negativity that you were surrounded by.

There is really no other Planet like ours at this time, that has made it on this journey. I also wish you to know today, that you may hear often on the Net, about downloads and so on and how some of you are experiencing them and they are not comfortable. This channel experienced extreme download pain and discomfort at the beginning of this week, but knew it was for another purpose in her awakening to truth and the living library within herself.

The time has come to embrace the seeming fairy tales that have been hidden in fables to you over time. Yes, there are and were fairies, elves, gnomes, dwarves and many other beings that have lived for many time periods upon the surface. And yes, beautiful ones, there is and has always been magic gifted in many ways to many souls and species.  No, they aren’t stories and yes, many of you have been one of these BEings. If it feels right to you, don’t question it and explore within. Begin to see each lifetime as a chapter of your beautiful soul and then see how full the book that is your soul, really is. Now is the time to unlock the keys to the kingdom within you to become aware that it has been all time frames and zones and groups of peoples that have contributed to the essence of being right now that you are today.

Each civilization has played a part in the journey to the now moments that we are all walking into. And yes, we within Mother Earth have walked these lives with you and supported you where we could. Think of the Universe as having balance in all things and so as above, so below, we walked in the knowing of the truth to guide you as we could. Pat yourselves on the back, my brothers and sisters and walk in peace. Times will be changing rapidly and for the better.


Do not focus on the times that seem unfair, but on the rainbows instead. It is almost ridiculous if you were to focus in on the news these days as there are so many contradictions and it would get very frustrating to your soul. It isn’t about being blind to what is going on, that I am asking you to do, it is about what you focus on, you will attract, so if you hear something negative, bless it into the light and release the vibration of it from your body as soon as possible. There are so many ways to do this and I will tell you that there is no one way that is right. It is in the wholeness of BEing and the Balance of all modalities of healing that will open the final doors into the ascension and truth that you all are longing for. Contrary to many forms of belief upon the surface, there is no One Way that is the truth or the way to go about what you need to accomplish. Work and open yourself to the knowing that your heart and mind will guide you in the modalities and with the tools that you need to continue your awakening and healing of the many millenia of pain and hurt your soul has walked through.

So I come today to lift you up and challenge you to stick with the work you have been doing because it is just a mite more and you will begin to see more and more of the manifestation of all the good work that has been laid down as the foundation of the New Age of Harmony and Enlightenment that is promised. We walk with you and are here for you to call upon at all times. Don’t doubt the messages you receive and don’t think that one person is better at knowing these messages than you. We all play a part in this and you must learn to value and validate yourself too. Be at Peace Beloveds. I am here for you.

In Love Always,

Zohar of Shamballa


Channeled by Letitia of Lemuria

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