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Letting Go and Creating a Vacuum

It is in Peace that I choose to live and walk my life. I now let go of worn-out things, worn-out conditions, and worn-out relationships. As I do this in the physicality, I know I am clearing the way for greater good to be attracted to the vacuum I create to draw miracles into my life. As I work moment to moment to let go of all empty and limiting thoughts I walk in the knowing that  Divine Order is established and maintained in me and my world forever more.
I no longer look at others as enemies nor focus on their flaws. I always bless them in the healing power of light and remove all anxieties surrounding any thoughts, prayers and actions that may be attached to others. I realize that when I focus on pain and lack, that I am only mirroring a symptom of something that is within me that needs to be healed. The same is true for me when I focus on beauty and love that is readily in all things for us to see. I remove the illusions of lack and despair in all things that touch my life and chose to walk in the moment to moment fact that life is a Miracle and we are here to give of ourselves in the joy of life. In so doing, I help others and Mother Earth herself achieve the Ascended Status that is naturally our gift to obtain at this time.
I know that I can either live in Heaven on Earth or walk in lack and limitation. I know that everything is abundant on and within this planet and it is but a change of focus on that is in any given moment when I stray. I am here to experience life to its fullest and I walk in the knowing that we all are granted this gift from the Great I AM.
I walk in the wonder of our times and joy that many of the stories and fables that we are raised in, are truly focused on the real joys of life and the magic of the great BEings that once walked this Earth with us. I remove the blinders and illusion that these magical BEings are myth and I focus on the Fact that all truth is coming to light for them to walk the path with us again. I unlimit my life and Know. In Love and LIght, Letitia of Lemuria Channeler of Ascended Masters, Psychic and Healer of Light



Walk Tall

If something or situation isn’t working in your life, learn to let it go. Never feel like a failure to yourself if something just doesn’t work for you any more. We are here to experience life and when you learn to live in the now moments and learn to have the art of non-attachment, life can become so much easier and fluid for you and yours. For instance: If someone owes you something and just isn’t coming through with it, like money. Remember to turn to your Source and become unified with the Universe as the Source of your supply and not that person or situation. When we allow the Universe to know that we are willing to accept from all avenues of abundance, this frees up clogged energy that happens and the music of life becomes ours harmoniously again. Your Job isn’t your source, your spouse or retirement plane isn’t your source, it always, always goes back to the One Source of All and when you make yourself a friend with that channel, nothing will lead you astray.

Also, when you are needing something, learn to get out of yourself and give to someone else in a way that feels good to your heart space. I guarantee that the Universe will bless you richly if you show that you know you are not alone and can give what you need to receive. Walk Tall and with conviction in life. Use discernment and not judgement. There is a difference. Discernment is used with wisdom and Judgement is placing restriction upon that person, place or thing that your thoughts and emotions just can’t let go of. If you can’t make the distinction between the two in your mind and heart, just simply ask your spiritual team to make the answers you need bold and clear to you. Then it is key to trust the answers that you get and act upon them. By acting on them, you are walking through the door and seizing the moments of life that create miracles. Miracles are everyday facts of life, we just need to see them, acknowledge and bless them and watch them grow all around us. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria Channeller of Ascended Masters, Psychic and Healer of Light  Check out my site for continuing Reading SpecialsImage


Catch yourself when your thoughts are attaching you to limiting and unhealthy words and emotions. It is easy to screen what you think, say and do if you just call upon your Guides and Guardian Angels to help you to become aware of the ways that you unconsciously limit yourself in your world. Be careful of what words and thoughts you place after the words I AM. When you place words behind this, you are claiming that energy of those words for yourself. For instance, do not always say to yourself if you need to loose weight, I Am Fat. Therefore, you are creating a larger wall in your way of loosing that weight because you have claimed yourself as such. The easier way to see it is that I Am a beautiful and divine child of God that is in perfect weight and health and I walk in harmony with this temple that God gave me. In this way you are accepting your body temple as it is and blessing it to become greater. Do not see yourself as limited in your minds eye and also watch what you think of others. As you limit others, you also limit yourself. Remember that when you point a finger at another, three are always pointed back at you, therefore those faults you see in others are being called back to you.
So walk forth in the truth of self today and have the knowing that you are an Unlimited Child of the Universe and as you start to consciously use the words of I AM in your life, you will change your life and the ones of all those you touch. The Universe is full of Unlimited Abundance, it is how you direct your thoughts, words and actions that magnetize that abundance to you. Become a magnet for good and light. Be conscious of your I Am. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria Channeller of Ascended Masters, Psychic and Healer of Light Image


Each persons individual state of ­consciousness affects the world as a whole. Peace happens one person, one prayer, one outstretched hand at a time. Everyday I rise and vow to contribute to our world in some small way. Even if I don’t see how that contribution touches other lives, I go forth in the knowing that I am BEing all that I can be and delight in the connection that we all have in Unity with one another if we but BElieve. All Are One! If we could all learn to open up to the natural flow of Light and Energy around us on a moment to moment basis, we would learn the truth about BEing Unlimited and the flow of harmony and peace would just naturally bless us. Become a Magnet to your good and radiate love and light out into your world from your heart space. It is when you put Love and Emotion with your Desires of life, that you will manifest. Walk forth into your day with an attitude of gratitude and then expect a miracle. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria Channeller of Ascended Masters, Psychic and Healer of Light

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A short update on the energies

aisha north

As many of you have already ascertained, there is a short lull in the proceedings, and none too soon you will perhaps add. For these last few days have been marked by a huge influx of energies, the likes have never before been seen on this little planet of yours. And yes, this is also something that is becoming visible, not only to your scientists, but also to the untrained eye. For your world has started to receive some signals from deep, deep space that was sent out a very long time ago according to your measurements, and now, they are reaching your shores, for the first time ever. And no, we are not referring to anything that can be deemed to be a mere coincidence, for as we have always told you, everything happens when the time is right for it to happen, so too, in this. So if…

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Hilarion – January 26 – February 2, 2014

Oracles and Healers


Beloved Ones,

Many of you will feel heat within your body as your physical bodies begin to activate your DNA/RNA codes. This can be a rather uncomfortable period for you so it is important to stay well hydrated and well rested. Trust that all is well and that you are being cared for by your etheric guides as you go through this process. Listen to your guidance and do whatever is suggested. This process is the beginning of an accelerated transformation that will leave behind all former limitations. The past will fade away and dissolve as you learn to live in the present moment. This will facilitate a greater clarity of mind and an inner knowing that there has been a shift in your perceptions and you will start to regain your divine abilities in whatever way is unique to you. We, your guides and team members assist in many…

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