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Adam Lanka – 8 Methods of Grounding – Connecting to the Earth’s Frequencies – 3-30-14


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“Our entire biological system, the brain, and the Earth itself, work on the same frequencies.” ~ Nikola Tesla

By: Adam Lanka, Guest

The term grounding means connected to the Earth, and it is one that ps numerous different cultures, traditions, and spiritual practices. While it is associated with feelings of balance, connection, centeredness, sinking, being anchored and in the flow, I would like to explore the greater implications of what is happening every time you go outside and relax into nature.

All species upon our planet are shaped by the forces and presence of the Earth and the cosmos, and as such this connection is deeply inherent to a sustainable state of well-being. The Earth, as an organic and inorganic system, is constantly bathing all life on the planet with its highly ordered and coherent electromagnetic field. The natural tendency of an organism is to couple with the…

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Great Moments of Understanding

Move forward into your expanded good, divinely directed and lavishly prospered. Realize the love and abundance of Mother Earth and Bless her daily as she blesses you. Understand that you are in charge of what happens to you. And as you change your mind, the world will change for you. As you place each footprint upon this Wholly Planet, walk with the knowing that you are one with all creatures great and small. For Spirit is everything and all is Spirit.
Begin to see the wonderment of Nature and all she has with such intricate beauty. Make today and every day your divine intent to create a wonderful new world for you and yours. When you touch one life, you touch 7 others and it manifests tenfold. So be conscious of how you effect the lives of others in the knowing you are effecting the lives of the ONE. Make a commitment to dedicate yourself to living in the moments of the now and create tomorrows and erase yesterdays with the power of the ONE.
Open up your mind and heart to the beauty of seeing Spirit in all things, whether they have been labelled Living or Non-Living. Do not place value upon one thing over the value of another, or one person over another, because on this planet and within her, all things are created equal. We live in a special place at a very special time in evolution and we must come back to the basics of the true balance of life. This balance is the same in every corner of our Universe, but Mother Earth is our raw and beautiful and deeply spiritual gift to use to step forth into that beautiful ascended future that we have been promised.
We are to live in harmony with our world in all moments. Man has gotten away from this natural flow and frequency in life in so many ways that it no longer is natural for most to follow this path. But when you go within and consult source, you will begin to see the great peace and knowing that we are to truly live, move and have our being in this very powerful and peaceful way of life.
It only takes those baby steps to begin to change your life and Spirit will see and grant you more and more bounty. It is your responsibility to receive, bless and love that manifestation of bounty that you are given. Just because you don’t see results to your spiritual journey and changes that you are trying to create, right away, does not mean that nothing is happening and don’t you give up. Most of the time, you are right there on the brink of that great moment of understanding your truth and manifesting it into the physicality. Make your life that of meaning and be at peace. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria Channeller of Ascended Masters, Healer of lightImage


When focusing on the Flow of Abundance all around you; Make sure to not think that it has to come in a certain way through certain stipulated channels. “There is no numbering of the avenues through which supply may come to you.” Expect your supply from all avenues of life. As you do, you will find it crowding upon you in new and different ways. Unlimit the Universe and you unlimit yourself and all ties that may bind you. Unlimit your family and friends by removing labels of them from your mind. Remember that as you label something or someone, you become bound by that label too. Just note these things, and then reroute your mind and heart to the abundance all around you again. Make it a note to bless all things good and then bless the good to come from all other situations or people, though you may not see it at the time. Work with the magic of your mind and heart in accord and then realize that your thoughts and words are your magic wand in life. Stand back and soak that in. Your thoughts and your words are your magic wand in life. This once again brings you back to the power that you have within. It is all about connection and faith in your source. The One of All. In Love and Light, � Channeller of Ascended Masters, Psychic and Healer of LightImage

The Rainbow spectrum of light

Feel the Light of the Divine shining forth in all you do. Know that your light is strong enough to guide you and protect you and fill you with a Joy. It is in living with BEing and walking in your now moments that you allow life to manifest in harmony for your future. Make it a practice to clean out and let go of limiting thoughts and forgive those that you have felt transgressed against you or yours. That self ego is the biggest thing to trip one up when we deal with forgiveness issues. If you can’t phrase the words in your mind to pray about the situation, the best thing that you can do is to send loving light to that person, place or situation and then let it go.
 It is in surrendering and letting go that we free the energy of healing and love to work. Sometimes healing and light happen overnight, but do not be upset if it takes time, because all things are ultimately in divine order in all things. Never think of time as a enemy. Always work with the loving light of the rainbow spectrum that first comes to mind, as you call if forth into a situation, never doubt the message you receive and this will balance and sustain you in all seemingly dark moments. Let your light shine and you help loved ones and others in the greatest way that our Spiritual Teachers could ever express to you. Walk tall and let in the light and you will be led into a wondrous future to be sure. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria Channeller of Ascended Masters, Healer of Light and Psychic Image

Beauty of the Moment

Live in the Beauty of Each Moment. Learn to take moments of pause in your day just to practice the art of Thankfulness and Joy. Realize as you dedicate yourself to this practice, you will change your world and the events for tomorrow and the vibrations that you have in all your relationships. Travel into the new age with Joyousness! It will bring great rewards to not only you, but others around you! In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria www.letitia-of-lemuria.comImage

Vibrational Frequencies

Understand that each dimension has a certain frequency. You cannot push yourself to Master frequencies, other wise they will put a stop halt on your Ascension…You must integrate all the steps in each Dimension as you go, other wise you would be lost when you get to the next Dimension. Sometimes this integration needs to be conscious and other times it is done on a cellular level in your sub conscious. You see? Each person has a process of how they go about processing and seeing their worlds and their own tasks, so have the knowing that your journey may be different than another, but it is in the honoring and incorporation of the whole, that you will achieve and move on to your higher good.
The 5th Dimension will only be obtained by you when that frequency is reached in your consciousness and have the ability to maintain it at all times. Live from the Heart, talking and acting like a master. Ask yourself in each situation: What would a master do or say in this and that situation? Then GO WITHIN and find the answer. Remember if you doubt your messages, to note that if the messages keep persisting to come through and get your attention, they are most assuredly there for you to acknowledge and pay attention to. When you learn to flow with the energy and vibration of your communication with spirit, you will gain more and more confidence in how to deal with your everyday life and by watching you, this in itself with help others.
In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria www.letitia-of-lemuria.comImage