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Messages from Ann and the Angels – 12/29/2012



A Visit To Shamballa

This is my story of my visit to Shamballa today during my meditation.

As I began my meditation, there was a very Ancient man that beckoned me towards him. He said, It is I Abraham. I am here to guide you on your way today. Feel your Merkaba of light surrounding you, he directs me. Today for this trip, it is a beautiful Lime Green color. As I stand back for a minute, I can see that it looks like a giant lime green snowflake. It’s beauty is precious to behold.  I take his hand in trust. Never have I been guided by him before, but he instils such a peaceful feeling inside, that I cannot help but trust him. He is now telling me that he is a bridge to the past, present and future. As I get in my vehicle of light and he tells me that we are on our way to Shamballa. In the beat of a heart, we are there. And as we step onto a golden path, Abraham now hands me to Ra. I know that Ra has led me many times, of late in the growth of my physicality and spirituality to be ready for the Ascension. Though Ra has appeared stern to me before, this time he is radiating a beautiful smile and guides me through the city of light. It is a golden and light violet city and it just radiates love and acceptance from all we come in contact with there. Ra now takes me towards Mikos. I recognise him. He is a very old friend, though usually it is through Telos and Adama that Mikos and I connect. Mikos asks me what I hear. We stand silently for a moment and I hear it, I understand the frequency of the lights of the city. It is a sound current of deep Love and Laughter and pure Joy wrapped up in one frequency. Mikos holds something out to me from his light bodied hands, and I ask him what he is giving me. He said “This gift is anything you wish it to be, beloved.”  My gift was to accept. And then the joy of receiving fills my heart and I understand. To Receive has been one of my biggest challenges through many of my lives. So much so that in this carnation I have actually placed a reminder on my left hand as a birthmark to remind me TO RECEIVE. It matters not what the gift is, the Receiving is the gift to the giver. Now Mikos guides me back into the moment and I take my lesson with me, along with my gift. Now it is my job to teach my daughter of light in this life the balance of giving and receiving. I accept.

In Love and Light,

Following your Passion

Have you ever read one of those self help books or gone to a seminar and they tell you to focus on your passion and all other things will fall into place? I am now a walking example of that after 20 years of struggling and doing what I thought I had to do, instead of what I loved. Recently my husband, daughter and I moved to the South west from the Northwest. Our intention was to get out of the rain. We loved this past summer and though it was hot, we couldn’t believe how healthy we became. Sun isn’t in very high volume in the Western part of Oregon.
Then another funny thing happened, besides our health and spirits improving, I began to channel! I have always wanted to help others to heal through channelling. You see I come from a long line of healers and so it was always a dream of mine to continue the heritage. What I didn’t know that was in the past 20 years I have been channelling in a light way to my intimate group of friends. Only thing was, I always thought I had to do more, be more and know more. Without realizing it, I was pushing spirit away to some degree. So about 6 months ago, I started giving messages out to family and friends in a bigger way and it just flowed from me. With the push of a small group of supportive people, and of course my Husband, I started professionally channelling and am stunned at the testimonials that I am getting.
So, back to the self help books/people/seminars. You remember how they talk about visualizing yourself where you want to be and other dreams and pretty soon you will believe them and they will be made concrete in your world? I always tried to do this, but just couldn’t materialize that last step…my imagination couldn’t get past how my dreams really were too out there.
Guess what! I am following my passion and those visualizations and dreams I had are starting to manifest in a big way! Every morning when I wake up and start the day, I am so grateful to be doing my passion and to be helping people. My journalling has expanded and my mind is catching up to me being on my true path. I am also helping Adama of Telos to channel answers to people as my contribution to others as I have been helped along my path. I answer his Email at exclusively.
SO Follow your PASSION everyone! The universe really does want to help you.
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In Love and Light,
Letitia of Lemuria