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You are a perfect expression of God.

Your inner sanctuary, your sacred self is the place that you go to manifest, live and have well being. This is your own source that is always connected to the Great Divine Source of the Universe. All Beings are connected to this source, it is the Ego in humanity that removes us from it. Have you ever noticed that animals just know God and never question his presence? That is because they know they are always connected.  Take time daily to go within and be in awe of the heaven that you find within. It is through finding that heaven, that you begin to see heaven on Earth.
Each person, each experience and situation can only have the power in your life that you label it with. In tough situations and / or dealing with tough people, instead of focusing on the differences, anger, or other symptom that has thrown you into fear thinking, instead lightly label it and then search for the good in all. If you cannot find your strength to do this, then surround yourself with Light and remove yourself from the person’s frequency and / or situation. The more good in all that you learn to focus upon, the more good you bring into your world and the world of others around you.
Love is the key to raising your frequency to achieve all you desire. There is no group, or religion or club that you can join to secure your spiritual identity. That can only be done by you. Going within is the key to mastering all things great and small. The peace that we gain in the solitude of our heart, that place of absolute knowingness wherein we reclaim our own divinity is where the journey truly begins. Relish Solitude  with the eternal. Become the manifestation of being fulfilled and being love. Accept and surrender things as they are in that moment to the God of your being and then let him shed the healing light upon them and trust.
You are a perfect expression of God. There is no difficulty that you can’t overcome if you but trust in the Source of all good and light in the Universe. Bad things can only have power over you, if you give them power. If you have had a bad situation with a person and just can’t get rid of it, call upon your Source, Guides, Guardian Angels and Archangels, to help you. And then let go to them and trust. If you find your mind not being able to let go, then keep redirecting it as it wonders. You are made in the image and the likeness of God, the Good, Omnipotent. Therefore it is discipline of thoughts, feelings, words and actions that create your world. No one is pulling puppet strings in your life except you. As you remove the power of the negative, it only creates a vacuum for good to flow in, rise up and over flow into your life. Trust and Love are key here. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is you. Believe and you will achieve. “These works and greater shall ye do.” Said Jesus. Do you doubt him? In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria Image

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Out With The Old

It is very important to remove people and situations from your life that no longer serve you, as soon as you become aware of it. Always surround yourself with the Pure White Light of Christ and the truth about anyone or situation will come to light in a very fast and powerful way. Never get engaged in swapping words back and forth. That includes trying to make someone feel better. It isn’t your responsibility how others create their saga’s in their own mind and heart space. Your responsibility is to see the dysfunction, fully and freely forgive it, (person, place or thing,) and release it in the Love of God. By fully letting it go to the one power that can heal, you have done your part. Learning to Love, Let go and have non-attachment to people and situations is one of the greatest lesson’s one can learn. You are fully freeing the Universe to heal a situation that is beyond your control. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria
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Letting Go and Letting God

We live in a time of so much chaos and strife. It is so important to be aware, yet not be dragged down by the tone of the media. Make an effort each day to turn of the TV and News and focus instead on going within and listening to the Divine. Learn to examine your aura and realize if there is stuff you haven’t let go of, or someone or situation that keeps returning to your mind to bug you. Immediately surround the situation with light and surrender it to the Christ within. If it is hard for you, call upon your Guardian Angel and Guides to help you. This is their assignment, to be your helpers. Allow them to help you wash the situations and relations clean. The more time you spend letting go and cleansing your stuff, the more peace can flow in our world and the Divine can help Mother Earth to cleanse and shift as is needed.

If you see chaos in your neighbourhood and community as you go out into the day, make a point to just give a light blessing to what you see and know that you have done your part. As you make the changes within you, it truly ripples out and helps those in turmoil around you. Just because you may have had to clear a person from your life, doesn’t mean that you still can’t bless them. Do this and then release them yet again to a higher power every time your mind  returns to the disturbing movie you have in your mind. You will soon find that peace has come to your heart about the situation and you truly feel free. Remember always that as you do your work, you are helping your brothers and sisters to find their way too.

ImageMake a note every day to center your Breath. Breathe in deeply through your nose, hold the breath and then out through your mouth. Do 5 rounds of this 3 times a day and begin to see and feel the peace coming into your world. It is so simple and so powerful. You are breathing in the possibility of life renewed and whole and breathing out the old and worn out. These simple steps can radically change your views on life. Challenge yourself to do this for 10 days and then see what difference you have made. It may make you wonder. Breathing out is letting go. Letting go and letting Spirit and Light into situations. This is a simple form of surrender. And most importantly, bless and give thanks for each and every situation and person and being in your life. As you bless with an attitude of gratitude, you grow more blessings in your world. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria