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The Pull of Communing within

Listen to your inner longing to commune in prayer. The messages to commune with the Lord of your Being will come in so many beautiful ways, you need but answer, believe and know that you are being heard. Take the time to listen within and do not doubt yourself on the messages you receive. It is like all communication and responsibilities, you must dedicate your life to the path and then trust that all will be provided. A very simple prayer to use in times when you can’t think of the words to send out, is simply invoke the power of the Great I AM by saying Jesus Christ. I do this either out loud, or in my heart and mind, when I cannot focus on the prayer I need more time to sit and commune with God about, or in those times when I have been too sick and just know that I need help. The Vibration that his name alone sends out into the Universe brings back such healing and prosperous power, that when you try it, I guarantee you will be amazed.
The time for us all to grow into our natural state of being and manifesting has come. The great feeling of oneness and the knowing that you are a divine BEing is a great tug on us all now. Notice as you get away from fear thoughts that the whole of the One is the most important thing to you? This is a magical point in our evolution and we have so much good coming to us in the next 20 years that you will be astounded. How do I know this? Because I have heard Adama, High Priest of Telos and Jesus and Zohar, as well as others, tell me and show me in so many ways.
Surrendering your Ego is key, Yet do not try to destroy it nor cover it up. This is not how to incorporate it in the wholeness of you. Go within and ask God how to set up markers to tell you when your Ego has entered into a situation or relationship and then once you see it, simply surrender and release it to the Divine and ask to only see the love in all things. By blessing it and asking within how to incorporate it into the wholeness of your being, you will be able to see the light it really was meant to be for you. Do not subtract your Ego, we were born as Human to incorporate all gifts. The ego plays a good part for you in your physicality here on Mother Earth. Trust in your inner source and you will be guided in wondrous ways. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria www.letitia-of-lemuria.comImage


Believe in your Dreams

Did you ever feel like a kid in a candy shop? That is how I feel today. Yesterday some new gifts were bestowed upon me that I never would have expected, yet there are no accidents in Spirit.


 “Believe in your dreams; They were given to you for a reason.”


 (I tell you this for a reason. You can believe or not with what is below, but I forsee more tellings like mine will be coming out by others soon. )


 Yesterday was unbelievable. I felt so connected to the divine and was so happy to help a good handful of people with adjustments they had to make spiritually. Adama came through me for three people in my sessions with them. And the last session was so magnificent that I wouldn’t let it go. It was a shared reading with a Dearly Beloved Friend and it was a whopper.


Oh we have so much to look forward to, my brothers and sisters of Gaia’s surface. To tap into the Flow of Intelligence that is out there is going to be effortless for us as we use the Amino Acid Computer Technology that Adama and other’s of inner earth will be sharing with us. I have read all the books on Telos and Inner Earth that I could get my hands on, and have dreamed of the day to become an open door for Brothers and Sisters of Middle Earth to visit in person. Many years ago, I accepted a mission of opening my doors to a visitor that came to the surface to help and love us through the next phase of our enlightenment, as soon as Disclosure happened. I always thought it was close to  a mysterious fairy tale, and thought that it really wasn’t going to happen.


 Boys and Girls, It is confirmed, The time has come that soon we will be reunited with our Brethren. Have you thought of the big meaning of this and how it will change so many lives? Can you imagine finally going to see Telos, Agartha and Shamballa in person? But more than that, close your eyes and picture yourself walking with your guide from Telos, (Or another part of Inner Earth,) that has supported you for so many millennia. Imagine walking with Adama, Mikos, and Zohar and talking to them about the mysteries of life. It is real and they are coming. I can feel it so tangibly that I can even taste it. I can see myself climbing the steps towards the beauty that is ours by divine right and feeling so much peace in my heart and all of my cellular structure. I can see my DNA reconnecting those vital steps that were disconnected so long ago.


 I have been gifted to remember more and more of my life in Lemuria and the secrets that I was engaged in protecting and setting aside to be revealed soon to us all. When Lemuria went down into the Ocean Imagehttp://www.letitia-of-lemuria.com/#!believe-in-your-dreams/c1u3i

A Trip to Shamballa with Zohar

Greetings, People of the surface. It is I, Zohar of Shamalla.Come to the Crystal city of Shamballa with me. I am with you as you make the transition from the surface to where I am physically waiting by the dock of Crystal Bay. Welcome and we of Shamballa are so happy to be reintroducing ourselves to you again. If fills our hearts to know that we can again have physical contact with you and to help you on your way to through the transitions that you are all striding through at this point in time. Breathe deeply in through your mouth  and out through your mouth a few times. Can you feel the clean air? Smell the honey that is so richly provided by our busy bee’s as they help to keep our flowers in constant bloom. Take off your shoes. Yes, See that I am bare footed. This is something that this channel Letitia relishes, walking with her bare feet on the grass. We giggle in sharing the times she has really gotten away with this in your civilization, though it is rather frowned upon. But she remembers the deepest of connections with Mother Earth as she walked in the soft, fresh grass. We ask you to partake in this privilege of bonding with Gaia as you visit us. Take a few more minutes to picture as I describe the setting to you.

We are standing now in a beautiful grassy meadow with flowers all around you. Can you feel the hum of the ground here. She is speaking so richly because the Crystal’s that are beneath you are just clamouring to sing a peaceful and welcoming tune for you. Can you hear it. Feel the vibration from your feet. Give yourself time to tune it. You are so used to the traffic noises and TV noises above. Peace, Can you feel the Peace? Yes, Now you are fully present with us here in Shamballa. We will now walk up a crystalline staircase to where our city starts. Yes, dear ones, it is a city, though it doesn’t seem so through your eyes. See we use Mother Nature and the Crystals to ask them what forms and shapes she wishes to conform to in creating our homes. We work with her and it is a matter of fact that we consult all the materials that we use in our homes and cities, before we create them. Now we are walking a Crystalline path through these giant trees…picture, if you will, the Giant Red Woods of your surface and then see these trees as even taller and larger in structure here in Shamballa. We tune with these beings in the form of Trees and the Crystal to build our homes. I can see by your faces that you are in awe. That is because it has been the basic nature of mankind upon the surface to move and concur the land to provide yourselves a home. Soon, you will understand how effortless and peaceful it is to just work with your environment http://www.letitia-of-lemuria.com/#!a-trip-to-shamballa-with-zohar/colaImage