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Balance in the Universe

Beloved peoples of the surface of Gaia,
It is I, Zohar of Shamballa that has come forth again in gratitude and with joy in my heart to speak to you today. There has never been a stronger time in the history of mankind, to learn the meaning of “Love your neighbor as yourself.” And there has never been a stronger time for all of you to go within to examine your heart and mind together and connect with the source of you for your own truth. corazon-luminico
The dark has chosen many avenues to try to still bring the fear into its most high state of frequency as possible in the last struggle from them to keep control of the surface of Gaia. The time has come for you all to be aware and to shed as much love as you can into the environment around you. This doesn’t mean self sacrifice, beloveds, it means to use the well of Love deep within every being that is naturally yours by divine right, to flow in its natural pattern into your world. Imagine a world of Utopia. What a beautiful world this would be if you could bring this imagining into the physicality. So what if some will call you a “Paulianna” I think is your term? Wouldn’t you rather go by that Label than destroyer and fear bringer? Mother Earth has shifted and will continue to shift, choose how you wish to go, by growing with her, or moving on. It is critical now. dream state 2

There is balance in the Universe of dark and light. The Darkness has had control over the planet’s surface for 13 millennia, but that contract, (yes it was a contract to try an experiment upon the surface by the dark,) That Contract has expired and now the time has come for Light to prevail and conquer. There is a purpose for the balance in the Universe and it is not to be delved into by us in this message, just to allow you all to wrap your minds around the Fact that the time has come, beloveds, to stop being cattle or sheep that are herded and instead to stop, look, listen and process within your divine diamond heart and mind that are and always have been, the greatest tools of mankind for ascension. a2bbe6d726fe1109b34074af90f6a020

You have oh so much support of oh so many and the whole success of your growth into the 5th and on up to the 7th dimensions is going to effect the Universe in so many ways that are needed now. I have campaigned at the United Nations and all around the world in representation of the beings of inner earth and of the beautiful ones that have joined us in the sky. I can happily tell you that eyes are opening and there is going to be disclosure and prosperity and peace very soon. I understand that many of you are jaded and we of the higher vibrations, as asking you to not let that bring down your frequency but instead ask you to look again to the light and let it lift you. You have never counted more in the history of mankind and of your many, many incarnations, than you do at this time. 75d7fe1f89ef28932a77bc07a0418ca8

Make a deliberate attempt to communicate with your inner source, your own individual Guides and Guardian Angels about your questions and then after you are comfortable with that communication, then ask for more from outside sources, but ask for it in a way that you can process positively and in a bold and clear message. It is for you to knock and the door will open. This means to ask and then wait for the answers to be made known to you. The impact that this will have on your life is phenomenal and it effects all around you in a giant ripple effect. Each and everyone of us has a divine gift that is needed for all at this time. Ask what you gift is should you have questions for it to be made clear for you, and never, never belittle this gift because there is no one that is greater than another, nor any gift that is better than another. Make it your path to walk, talk and speak with integrity and truth and you will find your way. 68e787a939d78acfc32dbe1749927515

You have tools all around you to use that cost not a thing. Light, Trees, Rocks, the Crystalline grid, Your very Breath of life within you, your physical body is a beautiful tool to have and honor, Angels, Water and so much more. You need not pay great amounts to find you truth or tools to use to find your answer. Just BELIEVE and LISTEN and TRUST what you FEEL. Let go of the fears that you are imagining things that are true messages as they come to you. Your imagination is key to your Ascension. So, hug that tree, (and then wink at your neighbor as he begins to wonder about your sanity,) sit on that boulder outside and commune with it in asking its truth, Breathe the breath of life with purpose into your body temple and then let it out in the knowing you are releasing old and moldy things that no longer serve you. Smile often and laugh often, this raises the frequency of your light body in the highest of manners and uplifts so many. Your challenge, beloveds, is to focus on the positive and send light to the negative in the blessing that you know its there, but in has never served you. As you take these steps, we also hold the same thoughts, prayers, dreams and light for you as light representatives above and below. Just remember little simple truths. ‘Knock and the door will open. Seek and ye shall find.” “Believe and you will receive.” and as you “Share the Gifts God has Given to you, Miracles Will Happen, Out of the Blue!” I Guarantee this for you. Make these statements into your own mantras that ring true to your own cellular BEing and you will change the world. We are with you. And So It Is. Your Beloved Brother, Zohar of Shamballa40180621646374343_VymOFZiv_c

In Love and Light,
Letitia of Lemuria
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Dearly beloved beings of the Surface,
It is I, Zohar of Shamballa that has joined with you today for this quiet moment of truth and reflection together. Come with me to the Meadow of Reflection in Telos, the beautiful Lemurian City inside Mt. Shasta. Breathe in the beautiful scents that the flowers give and hear the bee’s and butterflies going about their business of nurturing. Very nice.
This is the subject we will speak about today. Nurturing. Beloved beings you must nurture yourself from within to help those around you to attain the dimensional shift that we are all making at this time. Yes, we make the shift with you, we are of an ascended form, but there is never a stop in growth and it is our journey to help you and in so doing we will grow and advance to go beyond what we are. Our beloved Sananda, or as you call him, Jesus is still ascending. There is never a stop in growth, beloveds. There is only more and more as you progress.  You see it is all about the loving cycle of how life is really to be led. Helping and loving one another. We have always known that this time in evolution would come around and we are here. It is key that you know it is for the Ascension of the wholeness of the Universe that you all succeed and that is why we are making ourselves known more and more to all of you in so many ways. All you have to do is pick the way that sings to your heart and the vibrational pattern that resonates the most with your very cellular beings. You will know the path to your way. Trust yourself. We trust you. aa47f2df71c9bbbbbd93e31a52bf6a08
We wish to fill you with hope and the knowing that you are not alone, nor have never been alone in your journeys, though I truly acknowledge that you have had a long and hard road to travel upon the surface and we all wish you to feel our admiration for your strength and courage. The time has come for that hope to look to even brighter things and to feel the Lemurian spirit rise within you now. As you give rebirth to this spirit within, you will in turn, give hope to those that see the changes in you. You will become a magnet for the good that you have sought to long and to those that need a leader, you will show them the way. Are you ready to lead? A good leader doesn’t need to be good at speeches and mingle,  a good leader just needs to lead quietly by example. This is all that is required of you now to help the others of the surface around you. 526374_491913017543201_771980999_n
Keep the hope and love inside of you as a constant flame burning. Don’t let the anger of some of the people around you become your own and don’t claim their drama and stories as your own. Just show the love that you wish to hold for all peoples, in your heart space at all times and have the knowing that you are the light that can help lead others, as you dedicate yourself to love, hope and the future ascension of us all. Don’t fall into the hole of hopelessness that is trying to pull many of you down, through the last vestiges of dark that has ruled the planet’s surface for so long. When you feel yourselves lacking loving light within, always return to source and look to the inspiration that is given to you. There is always another that will show you the way, if you get lost, so never loose hope and always plan to nurture your soul and help others to nurture and sustain theirs along the way. 1481a5b91f6a4f4a827e66435b61a748
Open up your heart and mind to work in joy with your every breath of life. When you rededicate your life to the expansion of the wholeness of you, there is no way that you will be held back and will only climb higher as you seek to find truth within and give love and hope to others around you. Plan every day to become a beacon of light to help another along the way. Just make that statement to yourself and then go about your day with the knowing that as you have asked, so you will achieve and manifest as it is needed. Worry and stress are ascension downers, beloveds, so always redirect your thoughts to the light. It is something that you can truly train yourself to do and all you need do is call for help spiritually and you will be astounded at how you will receive help. For it is as you have asked, that you will receive, but if you ask and don’t believe, then you will be tripped up along the way too.  Nurture thyself, beloveds and you will know the way. Always feel and know we are here. And so it is. Namaste, Zohar of Shamballa05e9eae791b7db4b8166a03fa84c0cd9

Believe in your Dreams

Did you ever feel like a kid in a candy shop? That is how I feel today. Yesterday some new gifts were bestowed upon me that I never would have expected, yet there are no accidents in Spirit.


 “Believe in your dreams; They were given to you for a reason.”


 (I tell you this for a reason. You can believe or not with what is below, but I forsee more tellings like mine will be coming out by others soon. )


 Yesterday was unbelievable. I felt so connected to the divine and was so happy to help a good handful of people with adjustments they had to make spiritually. Adama came through me for three people in my sessions with them. And the last session was so magnificent that I wouldn’t let it go. It was a shared reading with a Dearly Beloved Friend and it was a whopper.


Oh we have so much to look forward to, my brothers and sisters of Gaia’s surface. To tap into the Flow of Intelligence that is out there is going to be effortless for us as we use the Amino Acid Computer Technology that Adama and other’s of inner earth will be sharing with us. I have read all the books on Telos and Inner Earth that I could get my hands on, and have dreamed of the day to become an open door for Brothers and Sisters of Middle Earth to visit in person. Many years ago, I accepted a mission of opening my doors to a visitor that came to the surface to help and love us through the next phase of our enlightenment, as soon as Disclosure happened. I always thought it was close to  a mysterious fairy tale, and thought that it really wasn’t going to happen.


 Boys and Girls, It is confirmed, The time has come that soon we will be reunited with our Brethren. Have you thought of the big meaning of this and how it will change so many lives? Can you imagine finally going to see Telos, Agartha and Shamballa in person? But more than that, close your eyes and picture yourself walking with your guide from Telos, (Or another part of Inner Earth,) that has supported you for so many millennia. Imagine walking with Adama, Mikos, and Zohar and talking to them about the mysteries of life. It is real and they are coming. I can feel it so tangibly that I can even taste it. I can see myself climbing the steps towards the beauty that is ours by divine right and feeling so much peace in my heart and all of my cellular structure. I can see my DNA reconnecting those vital steps that were disconnected so long ago.


 I have been gifted to remember more and more of my life in Lemuria and the secrets that I was engaged in protecting and setting aside to be revealed soon to us all. When Lemuria went down into the Ocean Imagehttp://www.letitia-of-lemuria.com/#!believe-in-your-dreams/c1u3i

Zohar on Manifestation



It is I, Zohar of Shamballa, with you today. We wish to enforce today, that we have always been in awe and wonder of you being a surface dweller and the many, many hardships that you have chosen to go through in all of your incarnations upon Gaia’s surface. I am going to ask you to do something for me today. Sit quietly and allow your heart to be filled with Love, Joy and the greatest sense of Peace that you can hardly imagine. It’s kind of the same feeling that you had as a small child when your Mothers arms just reached out to hug you for no reason, except to share her love. Be in that moment for a bit. This is the love that we have carried constantly for you all, here in Shamballa and other units of Inner Earth. We are all truly in awe at all of the hurdles and obstacles that have stood in your way and watching you travel through them in such brave ways is just amazing to us. Now the time has come for us of Middle earth to step forth for that final little hill in your way and offer up our help, though the help we offer is different, this time.

We wish for you to travel into this new and Golden Age of Unity with a Joyous feeling of accomplishment and know that the time has come for you to stop the suffering and having feelings of being alone. There is a person here in one of our Inner Earth civilizations, that is the perfect balance of you. Yes, Dear One, know that this is a part of the Balance of being a humanoid being and always has. This Being has been http://www.letitia-of-lemuria.com/#!zohar-on-manifestation/cobb

A Trip to Shamballa with Zohar

Greetings, People of the surface. It is I, Zohar of Shamalla.Come to the Crystal city of Shamballa with me. I am with you as you make the transition from the surface to where I am physically waiting by the dock of Crystal Bay. Welcome and we of Shamballa are so happy to be reintroducing ourselves to you again. If fills our hearts to know that we can again have physical contact with you and to help you on your way to through the transitions that you are all striding through at this point in time. Breathe deeply in through your mouth  and out through your mouth a few times. Can you feel the clean air? Smell the honey that is so richly provided by our busy bee’s as they help to keep our flowers in constant bloom. Take off your shoes. Yes, See that I am bare footed. This is something that this channel Letitia relishes, walking with her bare feet on the grass. We giggle in sharing the times she has really gotten away with this in your civilization, though it is rather frowned upon. But she remembers the deepest of connections with Mother Earth as she walked in the soft, fresh grass. We ask you to partake in this privilege of bonding with Gaia as you visit us. Take a few more minutes to picture as I describe the setting to you.

We are standing now in a beautiful grassy meadow with flowers all around you. Can you feel the hum of the ground here. She is speaking so richly because the Crystal’s that are beneath you are just clamouring to sing a peaceful and welcoming tune for you. Can you hear it. Feel the vibration from your feet. Give yourself time to tune it. You are so used to the traffic noises and TV noises above. Peace, Can you feel the Peace? Yes, Now you are fully present with us here in Shamballa. We will now walk up a crystalline staircase to where our city starts. Yes, dear ones, it is a city, though it doesn’t seem so through your eyes. See we use Mother Nature and the Crystals to ask them what forms and shapes she wishes to conform to in creating our homes. We work with her and it is a matter of fact that we consult all the materials that we use in our homes and cities, before we create them. Now we are walking a Crystalline path through these giant trees…picture, if you will, the Giant Red Woods of your surface and then see these trees as even taller and larger in structure here in Shamballa. We tune with these beings in the form of Trees and the Crystal to build our homes. I can see by your faces that you are in awe. That is because it has been the basic nature of mankind upon the surface to move and concur the land to provide yourselves a home. Soon, you will understand how effortless and peaceful it is to just work with your environment http://www.letitia-of-lemuria.com/#!a-trip-to-shamballa-with-zohar/colaImage

A Visit To Shamballa

This is my story of my visit to Shamballa today during my meditation.

As I began my meditation, there was a very Ancient man that beckoned me towards him. He said, It is I Abraham. I am here to guide you on your way today. Feel your Merkaba of light surrounding you, he directs me. Today for this trip, it is a beautiful Lime Green color. As I stand back for a minute, I can see that it looks like a giant lime green snowflake. It’s beauty is precious to behold.  I take his hand in trust. Never have I been guided by him before, but he instils such a peaceful feeling inside, that I cannot help but trust him. He is now telling me that he is a bridge to the past, present and future. As I get in my vehicle of light and he tells me that we are on our way to Shamballa. In the beat of a heart, we are there. And as we step onto a golden path, Abraham now hands me to Ra. I know that Ra has led me many times, of late in the growth of my physicality and spirituality to be ready for the Ascension. Though Ra has appeared stern to me before, this time he is radiating a beautiful smile and guides me through the city of light. It is a golden and light violet city and it just radiates love and acceptance from all we come in contact with there. Ra now takes me towards Mikos. I recognise him. He is a very old friend, though usually it is through Telos and Adama that Mikos and I connect. Mikos asks me what I hear. We stand silently for a moment and I hear it, I understand the frequency of the lights of the city. It is a sound current of deep Love and Laughter and pure Joy wrapped up in one frequency. Mikos holds something out to me from his light bodied hands, and I ask him what he is giving me. He said “This gift is anything you wish it to be, beloved.”  My gift was to accept. And then the joy of receiving fills my heart and I understand. To Receive has been one of my biggest challenges through many of my lives. So much so that in this carnation I have actually placed a reminder on my left hand as a birthmark to remind me TO RECEIVE. It matters not what the gift is, the Receiving is the gift to the giver. Now Mikos guides me back into the moment and I take my lesson with me, along with my gift. Now it is my job to teach my daughter of light in this life the balance of giving and receiving. I accept.

In Love and Light, http://www.LetitiaofLemuria.com