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I first met Adama, High Priest of Telos

1be27595861f16bc031813a76e517b53I first met Adama, High Priest of Telos about 13 years ago. I found a bit of information online about Lemuria and Atlantis and poof! That was the beginning of my adventure towards today. I gobbled up what information I could find on the internet and then found the books by Aurelia Louise Jones. The joy in reading these books filled my body and over time, I began to communicate with Adama spiritually/psychically. At that point, I had not the confidence that I do today in receiving messages from Adama and Mikos. Over time with my going to Telos at night and taking classes and then learning how to do readings and channellings, I became more confident with the messages that I was receiving. Today, Adama is one of my best friends, as he was when we walked in Lemuria and also Telos together. I know that I chose to be on Mother Earth at this time, for many reason’s. But I am so happy to see more and more people being drawn to Adama, Telos and Lemuria. You see, we all have Lemurian Cellular memories. We deliberately made sure to hide them for a great while, for protection of ourselves and our culture, but the time to wake up has come, brothers and sisters of light. The first step is to have no doubts about the messages you receive. Be they visions, hearing of a spiritual master or just a knowing. The more you work with opening up, the easier it is going to be. My biggest hurdle was trusting myself. As a child, I was very open and this scared my Mother, so she shut me down. I have no regrets, she did what she thought she had to do. But, as I was wanting to follow my path of being a psychic healer and channeller of ascended beings, I had to reawaken my own divine potential.

Adama has told me before and it makes so much sense, that we continue to learn lesson’s everyday. If you think that the people of Telos and the Inner Earth systems are done learning, then I must tell you that is not true. This past week has been quite interesting for me. I have been working with two other Lemurian Sister’s of light; Dearly Beloved Sisters, and Lord Ganesh in removing obstacles in my way of higher Ascension. When you work with Ganesh, he does lighten the load, I can tell you that. These lesson’s that have come up for me have been less emotional to handle than they would have been for me in the past. My sister’s have been the listeners and the channel’s that answered my questions when asked. So much stuff that I had left alive, and didn’t know that they would never die if I didn’t deal with them.  I was raised to be positive and so I thought is wasn’t right to delve over things. Wrong…Please learn to work with your hurts and sad feelings. It has done me a world of good and I am just feeling so lightened and relieved that I was able to let these situations go.

And then I came across this quote. “If you recognize the need for improvement, Things are already improving.” Isn’t that great! The biggest advice I could give myself would be to face the challenges with Love. Time is Linear, so if you can shine Love and Light on any, I mean any situation that brings up pain and sorrow, then you are healing that situation and you must understand yourself and let it go. In my case, it was letting go of my beloved Mama. This past few years have been tough on our relationship and sometimes she lashes out because she doesn’t understand the path that I have gone on. Today, after working through some stuff, I had to learn that I need to let her go. The most important part of that letting go was in understanding you are only extending more love to that person to walk their own path. As they should. We are each individual parts of a whole. And for pure Wholeness of self, you need to unchain all your loved ones to walk their paths in their own best possible manner. These are the first steps toward you Ascension even higher than you have gone before. That way you can serve mankind and contribute with the true love and light that you were meant too. There will be nothing to hide from another when you reach the higher levels. All will be clean and walk in the path of light. Trust yourself, Dear ones to work through your stuff. You will grow in your Super Consciousness in a much easier manner if you examine yourself inside and find the truth about you.

I know that by these changes that I have made, I will continue to grow and process with the Love of the Christ within. He is constantly with me and I trust all my guides and Ascended Masters to keep guiding me as I help others in my Psychic Healing business. I have made my commitment to mankind and I have defined integrity within after asking Lord Ganesh to help me with my hurdles that may be blocked and preventing my good. The healing that I am a vessel for is so rewarding to hear how it helps others. May you too have this wonderful journey towards your Ah Ha Moments. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria http://www.letitia-of-lemuria.com/#!apps-page/c20kw


Energy, Light and Vibrational Healing

Adama and Lord Ganesh are working with me on expanding my healing gifts. Adama and the Dolphin clan, yesterday worked with me to Wake up. (Yes Erin, thanks to your vision and what you heard.) After we got off the phone, I spoke to Adama in depth about it and then today I meditated with him and Lord Ganesh. They are wanting me to expand on my gifts and that is why a few of you have noticed less posts, because it is really important to me to make sure that I have everything down to a T before vocalizing it. The two of them and Jesus have been doing these healings with me for the past several months, but now the expansion of that is what they want to have me focus on.

Vibrational, Light and Energy Healings:
What we will first do together is to pin point the source of the problem in your body. And your guides will work hand in hand with mine in perfect communication to pinpoint the origins of this physical ailment.
I work with Adama mostly, but Lord Ganesh and Jesus have stepped in too and are actually becoming more and more hands on in these healings with me. They all add their own wonderfully and spiritually enlightened flavor to each healing that I am the Vessel for. They do not take over my body, but as my relationship is so solid with them all, they direct me to tell you where they are laying their hands on your body. Usually, after they have discussed with us the source or combined sources of your problems, they will start with the left hand, placing it over the main source of physical problem. The Left hand will receive the residue that is still in you and then they shake it off and move their right hand over the spot and pour a healing light and energy into the area.  There is a different light and different frequency for everyone that I work with. As they work with you, I describe each step as they go along. They will also give you prayers to focus on in the written part of the healing too.  Do not be alarmed if the healing also is included on other parts of your physical body, because they relate to one another. Remember, in spirit, there is always perfect balance. We then continue to go on to your Etheric field and work too with cleaning energy and adding the right light for your continued healing.

I use my crystals along with them holding their own Lemurian Crystals and we all focus much of the light from our combined crystals to meet in the place that needs to be healed too.

Now, the other part of the healing is a written dictation through me to you in regards to the continuation of your healing and the path that you are being guided upon for your greater enlightenment. Also the written healing will have encoded light for you to take in while reading it that is also for the focus of your continued healing and growing faith in the health that you wish to express. ​
It is always an honor for me to work with All of the Ascended Masters above for your healing and the revelations that come from this teamwork in your healing, are always very profound for you as a client too. ​​
Please write me directly at ShaHaley11@yahoo.com for further questions. ​
In Love and Light, ​
Letitia of Lemuria​Image

The Gifts of your Divinity


One of the greatest lesson’s that we can learn for ourselves and humanity is to believe in the gifts of your divinity! We are children of the most high and it is his joy to bless us abundantly. It is our biggest challenge to accept and feel worthy of the beautiful gifts that are just waiting for us to recognize them.  Let your Light shine! Just as you  see the stars shine brightly every night, begin to develop self-luminosity, and let that light become a beacon for others to follow.
Begin to look at the abundance all around you. For instance, the blades of grass in the front yard, the many grains of sand on the beach and the leaves in the trees. And begin to Know, deep within your very being that we as humanity stepped back in our thinking many millennia ago, but we never really and truly lost the gifts we had. We just forgot. Take moments of silence and ask yourself to remember the gifts that you had. Remember the lives of abundance and joy that you lived, for instance in the times of Lemuria and Atlantis and even before. Yes, we have been here for many, many millennia. You have the same soul within you now, so what is the difference? The time has come to remember and walk forth into a new and exciting future.
Remember within the deepest parts of your mind, body and soul, what is the way that you can contribute to the world to help your brothers and sisters and then go forth with conviction and love to fulfil the divine gifts that God gave you. Be a leader and show the way back to the Love and Oneness that Adama, High Priest of Telos tells us about, That Archangel Michael and Jesus tell us about.   Know that you are a part of making this world a better place and we need to work together to make our world shine so bright that the planets all around us will see Gaia’s glow. . No one person is valued any more or less than the other. And this includes all BEings here upon and within Mother Earth. So live your life in joy of the moment that you have and share your light with all those surrounding you. Watch how your gifts help others and the ripple effect that they have on the world around you. Teach your children Love and show them the way to believe in themselves and the path to have for an abundance of joy in their lives. May you see the miracles that come from just one small spark of joy, love and light. Go within and learn to trust the answers you receive. Ask the Ascended Masters to help you. Gain a relationship with them and let them lead you on a magical path to remembering and to unlocking the gifts you have. You see, those gifts were never lost, we just stepped into a land of forgetting and hardship. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria 

I am a Psychic, Light Healer and a Channeller of the Ascended Masters, Adama, High Priest of Telos and Lord Ganesh. Come visit me at http://www.Letitia-of-Lemuria.com

Your Imagination

Did you ever realize how important your imagination plays into the life you live? Whether we like it or not, our imagination is created from our thoughts and how we view the world. To change what your imagination focus’s upon, you must change your thoughts, words and actions. Imagination is an important spiritual asset to you and how you change your world.

For  example, you know how it is in your mind, after you have had a disagreement with another? It just seems to consume you and you replay it over and over again. Right? Stand back and think about exactly how you are replaying that incident? With your imagination! Now, try to re-picture that incident with another in a different light. See the outcome as much better and both of you leave the situation in a happy frame of mind. Does your mind obsessively keep replaying that scene? Probably not because the way we have programmed ourselves in today’s society, we are taught to focus on the negative wherever we look. It’s in the news, in the movies, on TV, at our jobs and so on.

Why do you think it is so hard to reprogram our minds? Because it takes tenacity and much practice. Your mind can see a situation in one way and someone else’s mind can totally remember the same situation differently. That is based on our personal perceptions and the way we view life individually. Remember the old saying, “Is your glass half full? Or is it half empty?” Have you ever tried to stand back and see how you really and truly look at life around you? All that exists, was formed into being from an idea in the mind of God himself. The way I was raised, we are made in his image and his likeness and he said, “These works and greater shall ye do.” Have you ever just sat back and meditated on that statement? Or have you taken the meaning that someone else may have told you? Maybe they were fed their meaning by another and are just parroting what they were told. You see, we are God’s, Son’s and Daughters of the most high. We create our world through our imagination.

Imagination is a joyous and wonderful gift that God gave us. We need to be diligent in how we direct our thoughts and we also need to control our fears. Turn them over to the Creator and let him worry about them. Our imagination is our gift from the Creator that transports, transcends, and elevates you to higher levels. So, what is your will for your imagination? Do you wish to create a harmonious and happy world? Or are you still going to take another person’s view and follow right along behind? I guarantee that if you start standing up to yourself and the way your mind keeps focusing on negative and unhappy thoughts, and you turn them around to happy and joyous ones, you will not only begin to change your life, but those of the people surrounding you cannot help to benefit too. If you cannot change yourself positively for yourself, then do it for the Creator.

We all have infinite potential and the many possibilities for joy to fill our lives are all around us. We just need to dare to Dream. Dare to focus our Imagination in a positive light. Prayer and Meditation will help you to focus and go within to hear what God has to tell you. The realm of God’s possibilities are infinite and can be found all around you. Reevaluate your life. This doesn’t mean to go quit your job and walk out of your home. It means you can intelligently make the required changes within you through your imagination and it is a spiritual law that the Creator must follow your direction. Begin to focus your imagination on joyful thoughts, peaceful thoughts and spiritually stimulating thoughts. http://www.letitia-of-lemuria.com/#!your-imagination/chbiImagec

Distractions from your source within

Some days you wake up and the challenges before you seem insurmountable. Many people will then rush about to fix everything that they know is in their power to fix, and in the process exhaust themselves and realize that the fixing wasn’t done from the roots up, but it was just a patch. In the realm of Spirit lies the challenge of the future. And in the realm of Spirit lies the answers you so desperately need to fulfil you and set you on your divine path. You must go within to change the world outside you. You must go within to accept and change you. And sometimes the world isn’t to be changed, yet the serenity you find with your visit to Source, ends up being the one thing you were looking for. We are living in an age of change and movement. It is an age of automation and communication. Everyone seems to have their “Devices” to distract themselves and the more Devices they have, the more distracted from the real world they become. It takes patience, growth and development, as well as great understanding to keep up with what is happening in the world. It also takes tenacity to learn http://www.letitia-of-lemuria.com/#!about1/c1o0d

Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos and Lord Ganesh have been my second greatest helpers next to The Christ Presence within and around me. Image