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Unlimiting Abundance

Begin to look at the abundance all around you. For instance, the blades of grass in the front yard, the many grains of sand on the beach and the leaves in the trees. See the Love that a Mother has for her child and the unconditional companionship that a dog has for its master. And begin to Know, deep within your very being that we as humanity stepped back in our thinking many millennia ago, but we never really and truly lost the gifts we had. We just forgot. All you must do is take the steps to realize you are that same soul and more and then open your mind and hearts to the possibilities of manifesting abundance in the now. Take moments of silence and ask yourself to remember the gifts that you had. Remember the lives of abundance and joy that you lived, for instance in the times of Lemuria and Atlantis and even before. Yes, we have been here for many, many millennia and before here on Mother Earth, we had our soul experiences in the stars. Unlimit yourself, you have the same soul within you now as you did then, so what is the difference except you have had time to add more wisdom? The time has come to remember and walk forth into a new and exciting future. The time has come to trust in the messages that Jesus brought us at his birth. Open yourself to the miraculous sounds and tones of just saying his name. Jesus Christ. His name is so Holy that it vibrates into the Universe and cannot but help to bring the prosperity back to you. Walk in the joy of his prosperity teachings and you will know the way. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria www.letitia-of-lemuria.comImage


Ancient Secrets & Hidden Wisdom

Letitia is a Master Channel & Healer who has devoted her
life to assisting those in need of guidance & clarity along
their path to prosperity.

Letitia believes we all have a special
ability just waiting to be uncovered.
Allow Letitia’s gentle guidance and
encouraging council assist you in
discovering the treasures within just
waiting to be discovered and used for
your highest good.

Ancient Secrets Carried through the sands of time. Ancient
Wisdoms from the Dawn of an Kind. Before blood line
been preserved in Human ancient Atlantis, there was born before time.
Lemuria. Many Legends claim The Elders knew of the flood that
would claim their land. They loaded boats with their scribes and
wise men & women, their artists, architects and tradesmen. They
scattered settling in some of the most famous ancient sites, Egypt,
Syria, the Himalayan Mountains, Brazil & North America, and the Hidden Kingdoms of
Telos and Agartha. Sacred Ancient Wisdom, preserved through time.
Ancient Wisdom now held by The High Priestess of Telos, Letitia .

Insightful ,Accurate ,Enlightening and
Transformative are just some of the
words that describe this Divine Channel
and Ancient Wisdom Keeper. Together
with her guides and yours, Letitia can
show you how to unlock your inner potential and get the Law
of Attraction working for you more evenly & regularly.

Letitia knows The Secret behind The Secret, and she will be happy to share it
with you in this exclusive & unique one hour psychic reading and counsellingImage
session. Discreet, Personal & Transformative a reading with this beautiful
enlightened being will have you feeling ready to take on the world, knowing that
the direction you have been pointed towards is for your highest good. Let Letitia
of Lemuria help you feel better about your current circumstances, point the way
to solutions you may not have thought of, and inspire you with potentials for your
future, all through gentle loving encouragement & intuitive guidance.

Believe in your Dreams

Did you ever feel like a kid in a candy shop? That is how I feel today. Yesterday some new gifts were bestowed upon me that I never would have expected, yet there are no accidents in Spirit.


 “Believe in your dreams; They were given to you for a reason.”


 (I tell you this for a reason. You can believe or not with what is below, but I forsee more tellings like mine will be coming out by others soon. )


 Yesterday was unbelievable. I felt so connected to the divine and was so happy to help a good handful of people with adjustments they had to make spiritually. Adama came through me for three people in my sessions with them. And the last session was so magnificent that I wouldn’t let it go. It was a shared reading with a Dearly Beloved Friend and it was a whopper.


Oh we have so much to look forward to, my brothers and sisters of Gaia’s surface. To tap into the Flow of Intelligence that is out there is going to be effortless for us as we use the Amino Acid Computer Technology that Adama and other’s of inner earth will be sharing with us. I have read all the books on Telos and Inner Earth that I could get my hands on, and have dreamed of the day to become an open door for Brothers and Sisters of Middle Earth to visit in person. Many years ago, I accepted a mission of opening my doors to a visitor that came to the surface to help and love us through the next phase of our enlightenment, as soon as Disclosure happened. I always thought it was close to  a mysterious fairy tale, and thought that it really wasn’t going to happen.


 Boys and Girls, It is confirmed, The time has come that soon we will be reunited with our Brethren. Have you thought of the big meaning of this and how it will change so many lives? Can you imagine finally going to see Telos, Agartha and Shamballa in person? But more than that, close your eyes and picture yourself walking with your guide from Telos, (Or another part of Inner Earth,) that has supported you for so many millennia. Imagine walking with Adama, Mikos, and Zohar and talking to them about the mysteries of life. It is real and they are coming. I can feel it so tangibly that I can even taste it. I can see myself climbing the steps towards the beauty that is ours by divine right and feeling so much peace in my heart and all of my cellular structure. I can see my DNA reconnecting those vital steps that were disconnected so long ago.


 I have been gifted to remember more and more of my life in Lemuria and the secrets that I was engaged in protecting and setting aside to be revealed soon to us all. When Lemuria went down into the Ocean Imagehttp://www.letitia-of-lemuria.com/#!believe-in-your-dreams/c1u3i

I first met Adama, High Priest of Telos

1be27595861f16bc031813a76e517b53I first met Adama, High Priest of Telos about 13 years ago. I found a bit of information online about Lemuria and Atlantis and poof! That was the beginning of my adventure towards today. I gobbled up what information I could find on the internet and then found the books by Aurelia Louise Jones. The joy in reading these books filled my body and over time, I began to communicate with Adama spiritually/psychically. At that point, I had not the confidence that I do today in receiving messages from Adama and Mikos. Over time with my going to Telos at night and taking classes and then learning how to do readings and channellings, I became more confident with the messages that I was receiving. Today, Adama is one of my best friends, as he was when we walked in Lemuria and also Telos together. I know that I chose to be on Mother Earth at this time, for many reason’s. But I am so happy to see more and more people being drawn to Adama, Telos and Lemuria. You see, we all have Lemurian Cellular memories. We deliberately made sure to hide them for a great while, for protection of ourselves and our culture, but the time to wake up has come, brothers and sisters of light. The first step is to have no doubts about the messages you receive. Be they visions, hearing of a spiritual master or just a knowing. The more you work with opening up, the easier it is going to be. My biggest hurdle was trusting myself. As a child, I was very open and this scared my Mother, so she shut me down. I have no regrets, she did what she thought she had to do. But, as I was wanting to follow my path of being a psychic healer and channeller of ascended beings, I had to reawaken my own divine potential.

Adama has told me before and it makes so much sense, that we continue to learn lesson’s everyday. If you think that the people of Telos and the Inner Earth systems are done learning, then I must tell you that is not true. This past week has been quite interesting for me. I have been working with two other Lemurian Sister’s of light; Dearly Beloved Sisters, and Lord Ganesh in removing obstacles in my way of higher Ascension. When you work with Ganesh, he does lighten the load, I can tell you that. These lesson’s that have come up for me have been less emotional to handle than they would have been for me in the past. My sister’s have been the listeners and the channel’s that answered my questions when asked. So much stuff that I had left alive, and didn’t know that they would never die if I didn’t deal with them.  I was raised to be positive and so I thought is wasn’t right to delve over things. Wrong…Please learn to work with your hurts and sad feelings. It has done me a world of good and I am just feeling so lightened and relieved that I was able to let these situations go.

And then I came across this quote. “If you recognize the need for improvement, Things are already improving.” Isn’t that great! The biggest advice I could give myself would be to face the challenges with Love. Time is Linear, so if you can shine Love and Light on any, I mean any situation that brings up pain and sorrow, then you are healing that situation and you must understand yourself and let it go. In my case, it was letting go of my beloved Mama. This past few years have been tough on our relationship and sometimes she lashes out because she doesn’t understand the path that I have gone on. Today, after working through some stuff, I had to learn that I need to let her go. The most important part of that letting go was in understanding you are only extending more love to that person to walk their own path. As they should. We are each individual parts of a whole. And for pure Wholeness of self, you need to unchain all your loved ones to walk their paths in their own best possible manner. These are the first steps toward you Ascension even higher than you have gone before. That way you can serve mankind and contribute with the true love and light that you were meant too. There will be nothing to hide from another when you reach the higher levels. All will be clean and walk in the path of light. Trust yourself, Dear ones to work through your stuff. You will grow in your Super Consciousness in a much easier manner if you examine yourself inside and find the truth about you.

I know that by these changes that I have made, I will continue to grow and process with the Love of the Christ within. He is constantly with me and I trust all my guides and Ascended Masters to keep guiding me as I help others in my Psychic Healing business. I have made my commitment to mankind and I have defined integrity within after asking Lord Ganesh to help me with my hurdles that may be blocked and preventing my good. The healing that I am a vessel for is so rewarding to hear how it helps others. May you too have this wonderful journey towards your Ah Ha Moments. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria http://www.letitia-of-lemuria.com/#!apps-page/c20kw

Doing is secondary to Being

Today I’ve been considering these words in this sentence, very carefully. “Doing is Secondary to Being.” And those words are oh so true, aren’t they. We in the world today, rush around to accomplish herculean tasks and not only one at a time, but handfuls. Do you know how to just sit and watch the Butterfly in your garden? Or your children play? Do you even know how to Make the Time to be still? But if we do not take the time to just go apart and see the beauty of the world, then how do you think we can gain true wisdom? We must go aside and center all our thoughts on God and your own personal relationship with the Creator and Upholder of the Universe. Meditation is when we listen and receive inspiration and prayer is when we talk to God. Every right thought that we think, our every unselfish word or action, is bound by immutable laws to be unfolded into good results. The more you see your prayers unfolding, and you faith and trust growing in the Creator, the more joyous your life will unfold to be. You must seek to be Peaceful, to be Love, and to be Wisdom in your every moment of every hour. You cannot gain in life if you do not have a true and loving relationship with the God of your being.
Many years ago, I was caught up in the go, go, hurry, hurry world and I felt like a piece of glass that was just going to shatter at any moment. I would arrive early to work to do my job and accomplish tasks that I look back on today and just shake my head in wonder because I was loosing sight of my family and the Spiritual life I had always dreamed on having.
I was lost and didn’t know how to break the cycle of trying to get herculean tasks done. My health was failing and I’m sure that I wasn’t the most relaxed person to live with.
Then, one day, I no longer had a job. It was beyond me to comprehend how it happened for several days, but I am so fortunate to have the beautiful husband that supported me the whole way. It was about a week later, that I began to realize that in my pursuit of trying to be the best employee that I could manage to be, that I had lost sight of the God of my being. I had lost sight of the statements truth:”Doing is secondary to being.” And then I realized that I had finally come out of the wilderness and was on my way to the land of milk and honey. And God had answered my prayers, in a way that would benefit my family.
Finding your Creator is an intensely personal journey. And I pray that everyone finds that fence that they must overcome, in their journey and that they find the beautiful relationship with God that was meant to be for every man, woman and child on earth. I pray that the joy of life and laughter, fills your home with the magic of the Universe and that all people will fulfil their dreams. I believe that these next handful of years will be filled with so many ancient secrets being revealed, that mankind is going to do a 180 and begin to learn and live life to its fullest, as the Creator meant for us in the very beginning. I remember the time of Love, Trust, Joy and Happiness of Lemuria before the fall. And I know in my heart that if we all but try to help our brothers and sisters of light, we can succeed even higher feats than we ever have before. I Believe. In Love and Light, Letitia of LemuriaImage

A Visit To Shamballa

This is my story of my visit to Shamballa today during my meditation.

As I began my meditation, there was a very Ancient man that beckoned me towards him. He said, It is I Abraham. I am here to guide you on your way today. Feel your Merkaba of light surrounding you, he directs me. Today for this trip, it is a beautiful Lime Green color. As I stand back for a minute, I can see that it looks like a giant lime green snowflake. It’s beauty is precious to behold.  I take his hand in trust. Never have I been guided by him before, but he instils such a peaceful feeling inside, that I cannot help but trust him. He is now telling me that he is a bridge to the past, present and future. As I get in my vehicle of light and he tells me that we are on our way to Shamballa. In the beat of a heart, we are there. And as we step onto a golden path, Abraham now hands me to Ra. I know that Ra has led me many times, of late in the growth of my physicality and spirituality to be ready for the Ascension. Though Ra has appeared stern to me before, this time he is radiating a beautiful smile and guides me through the city of light. It is a golden and light violet city and it just radiates love and acceptance from all we come in contact with there. Ra now takes me towards Mikos. I recognise him. He is a very old friend, though usually it is through Telos and Adama that Mikos and I connect. Mikos asks me what I hear. We stand silently for a moment and I hear it, I understand the frequency of the lights of the city. It is a sound current of deep Love and Laughter and pure Joy wrapped up in one frequency. Mikos holds something out to me from his light bodied hands, and I ask him what he is giving me. He said “This gift is anything you wish it to be, beloved.”  My gift was to accept. And then the joy of receiving fills my heart and I understand. To Receive has been one of my biggest challenges through many of my lives. So much so that in this carnation I have actually placed a reminder on my left hand as a birthmark to remind me TO RECEIVE. It matters not what the gift is, the Receiving is the gift to the giver. Now Mikos guides me back into the moment and I take my lesson with me, along with my gift. Now it is my job to teach my daughter of light in this life the balance of giving and receiving. I accept.

In Love and Light, http://www.LetitiaofLemuria.com