This can be used in many ways and even with a group of people, as long as set with advanced notice of whom it is to be with for Letitia ahead of time. Untold value and growth are to be had and experienced in this package. Buy Package of 10 Readings/Healings with Letitia Of Lemuria GET 10 FREE.These are usually priced $500.11 for package of 10. For this sale, though the end of September. (Yes, this is unprecedented And YES, It is 20 for the Price of only 10), but fantastically created for you, the clients to take advantage of now for your future. Why is this being done now? Because it is one way Letitia can give during these times of swift Ascensional changes and towards our unity in the future. And two, the growth she has done in learning deeper the Language of Light and the Reiki added on to her other gifts is going to change the structure of the way she will be doing her practice within the next few months. You can contact her via EMail or through Facebook messaging You can find out more about her work with fantastic testimonials at www.letitia-of-lemuria.comthoth-goddess


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