The Road Ahead of you and HUGE 4 day Labor Day Extra sale!

Sometimes the hardest route may not feel like the easiest route to take, but when you look back, at how far you have come, then you realize how amazing you are and what a great lesson it really was! It also gives you insight and understanding on the path that others may have chosen to learn their lessons, helping you to learn more about compassion, forgiveness and understanding. Isn’t it amazing that after time and you look back on a problem, how much easier it is to see the real lesson’s? Life is amazing! The simplest path is not always the right path. Sometimes it is necessary to work hard for something that you wish to attain. Your efforts do not go unrewarded. Stick to it, work through, reach higher, do not let others stop or weigh you down. Reach for your goals, believe in you. And remember that those things that make us the most uncomfortable are often the ones that teach us the most about ourselves. Rise up from Adversity and don’t let it bring you down. Pray for those that you see struggling and afraid. By holding the light for them, you will help them to get through the mud and the muck faster. Never loose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel.


This is how we have lived for many millenia upon the surface of this planet and the time for our Ascension is at hand and it is up to us to choose Love and Light and to believe in the unseen and manifest it to the light. It is promised for us to rise up and live lives in beauty and peace, it only comes down to us accepting. Are you ready to walk into the new age? Are you struggling with some challenges you wish to clear up and manifest your truest destiny by divine right? Schedule a Reading/Healing session with Letitia and be guided down the path you are seeking. For 4 Marvelous days of the Labor Day weekend only, there is an phenomenal sale going on for only $55.11 per 1 hour session vial phone with Letitia. All you need to do is EMail her at or FB EMail her


Her Work is expanding in light healing by incorporating more Reiki and by Light Language healing too. Set your session while you can 9-3 through 9-7-15. PayPal payments and if you need more information also you may visit her web site and read many channeled messages of love from beings of light. In Love and Light Always, Letitia of Lemuria

In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria



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