Everything is Energy

Everything is energy in the Universe and Everything carries it’s own frequency of light. This is one reason why it is so difficult to find someone that you truly resonate with sometimes. We are all on our own journeys and all come from so many different places in the Universe to end up here, as was our calling, as a bunch of Mutts with a gigantic mission towards the light.


So, daily make sure to clean and clear your light body and keep your frequency focused devotedly upon staying as high as you can keep it. This will attract more of people and situations of like frequencies back to you and help others along the way


We are truly on a blessed mission here on Earth, and it is not only for us, we do this for the good of all beings in all places in our Galaxy. We chose to come here and work our soul through many hard body experiences int the knowing it would be hard, but that the rewards ultimately would be so great that when the time of the great awakening came, we would be the catalyst to that great path towards the greater oneness with our true Source and that our lives here would be laying the bricks down, one by one in leading down the yellow brick road.


Thank You all for traveling this journey in the ways that you have. We really only have a bit longer to hold on till we start really seeing the fruits of our labors, however, if you look closely enough and don’t focus on the seemingly negative things in our world, greatness is happening now and is growing all around us. Walk with me and I will walk with you in the greatest and deepest of love for you and your journey. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria

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