Embrace the walk into the future! + Sale!

Embrace yourselves brothers and sisters. Know that we are all part of all the good there is in the world. For within we all share the strength and grace of our Creator within. It is good to remind yourself often that the Creator is the source of the life within you and that you are His beautiful expressions of life. Make the most of this wonderful gift of life and cultivate within you the true joy of living. Feel the physical healing that you may need as you turn within and know this. The Creator’s life flows into every atom and function of your body and does not overlook any part. This is the point….He Doesn’t overlook any part! So, when you ask for a healing of any kind from the source, do not doubt, because how could the miracle that is you not be healed if connected to the source. Carry your heads high and fill your vessel with joy. We are at the brink of dynamic events for humanity. Start on the path today, because tomorrow will be beyond description for many. Walk forward in joy for the world we are promise is beautiful beyond belief. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria


Fantastic Sale Below extending date through 7/28/15:

Sale on Written and Light encoded Readings the 21st through the 24th. The time is upon us to clean and clear up things that have been weighing upon our hearts and minds. Get in touch with the Masters and get straight to the heart of your deepest questions. Each of these readings are also light encoded and powerful to return to in reference in your future and beyond. The encoding is Geometric and light infused for your continued healing. Regularly $42.11 on sale for $38.11 with 4 questions. Email me with questions at ShaHaley11@yahoo.com. My web site is www.letitia-of-lemuria.com for further reference.


Thank you for the Testimonial Melissa:

I just had a reading with Letitia of Lemuria and Adama. So many things were confirmed as well as new revelations that connect some other bits. I feel a sense of wholeness after this reading that has been a fleeting thing for me. Turns out this year of “hiatus” I’ve been on has been anything but a hiatus. It seems more like I gave myself permission to experience, ponder and connect without limitation, judgments or expectations of myself. It’s been a good way for me to shuck some of that undesired stuff. Yay!!! And thank you Letitia. Love you.

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