Beautiful Imagination: & Sale!

Imagination is a joyous and wonderful gift that God gave us. We need to be diligent in how we direct our thoughts and we also need to control our fears. Turn them over to the Creator and let him worry about them. Our imagination is our gift from the Creator that transports, transcends, and elevates you to higher levels. So, what is your will for your imagination? Do you wish to create a harmonious and happy world? Or are you still going to take another person’s view and follow right along behind?


Worry is one the most invasive dark entrapment’s that can dehumanize a person in oh so many ways. It is something that many people do and don’t even know because it could be a family habit, or just life’s circumstances have led you to never trust the future in the KNOWING that it will end up just like the story of your past. Another trap with “Worry” is that people have placed it as very caring in their minds to “Worry” about someone. When really spirit brought that person to mind for you to send out the vibration of positive prayer to help them. Sometimes you may never know why they needed this prayer, but never doubt that still soft voice within that prompted you to pray. Vow to yourself to stop the worry and start the Belief. This is showing God you trust him and allowing him to shed the right people and circumstances in your life that will manifest ;positively for you and yours. Stop the Worry.


Take time daily to control your thoughts in meditation, in breath, in affirmations and in just BEing in a place of healing that rejuvenates your mind, body and soul. I guarantee that if you start standing up to that negative voice with that you are trained to pay attention to and the way your mind keeps focusing on negative and unhappy thoughts, and you turn them around to happy and joyous ones, you will not only begin to change your life, but those of the people surrounding you cannot help to benefit too. If you cannot change yourself positively for yourself, then do it for the Creator. Do it for your family and love yourself enough to do it for yourself. Begin to ask yourself, “What if…..?” Challenge yourself to stay on track with rewriting your mind, body and soul from negativity and become a manifestation and set an example for others of BEing the Positive and Healthy Mentor they need. I walk with you. Will you walk with me? In the Deepest of Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria

75b8f739c4d4e93ca31e6f8735ace570    Fantastic Sale: Through the Weekend Running 1 hour reading/healing sessions with Letitia via the phone, for only $65.11 from the regular $85.11 price. These sessions are filled with unexpected and wondrous and delightful pieces of information that the Spirit will help you with to open up your past lives, and point you in the direction that you have only dreamed is possible to go. Your Guides, Guardian Angels and Masters will speak to you and you will become familiar with how to start communicating with them in higher ways. There will be tools give to you to help you move forward in opening up your own awareness and welcoming your inner source in trust with perfect communication. You will also receive validation that you are on the right track from the blue print of your life. These are powerful and much enjoyed with deep enlightenment. Email Letitia at or FaceBook and she can send you PayPal Invoice and set time with you. In Love and Light Always


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