Toxic People

We all go through times in life where we simply have to call and end to a relationship that has become very toxic. It is of love to let that person, situation or even more than one person go, because we are to love ourselves fully and in so doing we can love another. When one doesn’t carry their load in a relationship, and when they can become more and more exhausting to be around, this is a huge sign of them basically siphoning energy off of you or becoming titled as a “Psychic Vampier.” Sometimes these people are very unintentionally so and it is just a learned behavior and sometimes there are very, very intentional people like this. They have a tendency to twist all situations with all people to make it always seem that they are the victim.

At first these kind of people may snare you in by asking for your sympathy for something and then as time goes on, they always do this. These people will get very defensive and or passive aggressive when called out for their actions. The best thing to do is just disengage in the most loving manner you can for yourself and them and just move on in your life in the knowing you saw the situation and did the best you could. By clearing them out of your life, you will free up good energy to come back around and fill your life in a higher way. So, never feel guilty if you have to disengage and let someone go. If it is something that rings true within you, then if is right. Walk tall and have the knowing you have simply done your best and so it is. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria


Sale and Testimonial:

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I have the utmost respect and sincere appreciation for Letitia. As a result of several poor experiences with other readers, I had become cynical of psychic readings and healings and in general did not trust what I was told in them. Abundant evidence of her accuracy came thru. Details were given to confirm she was indeed hitting the nail on the head and not guessing; she was able to describe physical characteristics, birth signs, and personalities of people and accurately saw events that had occurred.Letitia worked with me on a deep multidimensional level which assisted in my healing and she taught me techniques to regain my abilities and gifts. I came away from the reading with the deep knowing that I am wonderfully supported and not drifting aimlessly through life.I am proud to know Letitia and honored by the gift she has shared with me. I will definately work with her again and cannot recommend her enough. Thank you Letitia! True Essence



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