Sale and Testimonial = Sharing Words Of Wisdom

What is your image of you and what you wish for your future and those you love? Is it based on the fear energies of the TV and the NEWS or is it based on living from a loving space in the now moments as you walk them in the Serenity of the Christ Spirit that surrounds us all. There is much to be said for the song of the Christ spirit walking and talking with you, for it is true, it is just up to you to listen and be in the present moments of life fully. To love the silence and be at peace with the oneness you were meant to be. As more of us become one with the truth of our natures and that of peace, love and harmony, we will work closer and closer to the grand ascension that spirit has promised us. Will you walk with me? I salute you in this beautiful journey. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria


Sale on Written and Light encoded Readings the 21st through the 24th. The time is upon us to clean and clear up things that have been weighing upon our hearts and minds. Get in touch with the Masters and get straight to the heart of your deepest questions. Each of these readings are also light encoded and powerful to return to in reference in your future and beyond. The encoding is Geometric and light infused for your continued healing. Regularly $42.11 on sale for $38.11 with 4 questions. Email me with questions at My web site is for further reference. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria


I have the utmost respect and sincere appreciation for Letitia. As a result of several poor experiences with other readers, I had become cynical of psychic readings and healings and in general did not trust what I was told in them. Abundant evidence of her accuracy came thru. Details were given to confirm she was indeed hitting the nail on the head and not guessing; she was able to describe physical characteristics, birth signs, and personalities of people and accurately saw events that had occurred.Letitia worked with me on a deep multidimensional level which assisted in my healing and she taught me techniques to regain my abilities and gifts. I came away from the reading with the deep knowing that I am wonderfully supported and not drifting aimlessly through life.I am proud to know Letitia and honored by the gift she has shared with me. I will definately work with her again and cannot recommend her enough. Thank you Letitia!  True Essence

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