GoFundMe / Reading Sale Must Make Money For Computer and Clothes for my daughter and back to school

GoFundMe in name of Tracy Letitia Vallier. Please Help or go for sale I’m offering. Bless you all. ef03bacf3903a94cacb3a3569896028b

We wish to thank you for helping us to move to our new home in San Tan Valley and it is a sanctuary. Unfortunately, when we moved here, we had both our computers die and then my phone did too. As you all know, I use these all for work and Haley needed the computer for her learning programs too. So, I had to take the plunge to buy one and a new phone and with all that, we are falling behind again. We will be needing to get clothes for Haley to start school soon too. And there is a very important class for my ongoing certification coming. It is my greatest desire to expand my healing gifts to help others. If we could just get through this, things would ease up some. Thank you for your help. The Valliers

And please know that I would also love to help you with a reading/healing/meditational session too! This is my passion and my path. This weeks bargain is Buy One Healing/Reading/meditational session and get one free! Fantastic value! This sale will be running from the 2nd through the 5th of July and is a real bargain at $127.11 for two sessions. These sessions are so beneficial to the clients that I work with and it fills my life with joy to do this work I love. Email me with questions or go to http://www.letitia-of-lemuria.com/#! for testimonials and to read how I work with spirit.


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