Now is the time

Now is a time for Balance of all body systems. Meaning not only Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit, but also of your Etheric bodies, (The 77 higher Levels of BEing.) These go right up to the Source of All.
Do Not believe that you have to meditate 20 hours per day to become deeply spiritual. This may ring true for some of you, but most people do not have the means to go about this. Accept the time you do have to dedicate your life to growing your source to better the Universe as a whole. Spirituality for Humans is the incorporation of all things. Your physicality, your circulation, your daily lives and activities and your spiritual belief system. And Have the Knowing that your life can be what I like to call, A Walking Prayer. Prayer and Meditation can be as easy as you make it to be and it is the very divinity and your truest connection to God within. As you develop this deeper relationship, you will portray the depth and light of that relationship all around you in your physical world. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria



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