Walking the Breath of your Beliefs and Values

It is in delight today that I, Zohar of Shamballa and Telos, greet you all today. Beloved ones, can you feel the changes in the energy of Mother Earth in these monumental past weeks. It is a higher vibration of love and it is at a frequency that may have many of you feeling, sort of disturbed and imbalanced. Acknowledge these feelings and have the knowing that together we walk in this change with you. Surround your light bodies with the Pure White Light of the Great Central Sun and then the Golden Light from this, our most beloved Source too.  See yourself as light as a feather and make a point to breathe deeply to clear old energy and bring in the new.
Around you, you may find your brothers and sisters on the surface, rather out of sorts and this may lead you to seeing what the media and those things that are directed by the dark and what they want you to see in illusion. Always, Always, catch yourself, bless the negative to have the light shown upon it and affirm it has no power over you through darkness and then redirect your thoughts, words and actions into the support of the light of the truth that Spirit asked you to be an open channel for. Some of you are finding physical manifestations of “Problems” in your bodies and may be worried. Be smart, if you feel you need to see a physician, but first remember that you are a healer too. Rub your hands together and then take your right hand and place it on the area of concern for yourselves. As you do this, see a beautiful Rainbow of Healing light flooding into this place you are asking to be healed and become an instrument of the pure divinity that the Great One gave us all as a gift to do. Yes, I include myself with you because we are all ONE.
Beautiful children, you don’t need to have special training to have this gift. It is a gift of Light that is natural for all God’s children. The healing comes to you as you grow in your capacity to unlimit yourselves and the Universe around you. It has been your gift since the beginning of time. If you are reading this, then you must know that you are of the ancients. We are all connected to the one and came from the one, so noone is better than another.
Let us take a moment to breathe in the purity of Mother Earth together. Close your eyes and vision yourselves in a grove of Aspen trees and their beautiful leaves are singing in the wind. Peace and love flow here. As you place your feet down and walk through this grove of trees, I wish you to know that each Aspen tree is connected in their Loving Root System. They are all in constant communication and are all ONE! These are very high beings of light, as are all trees, they are record keepers. So, with this vision, just walk with me and breathe in the connection that they are opening to you and feel the love. It is divine connection, like the love the Red Wood Trees have and their ancient connections too. Bring in the pleasant and natural peace that these trees wish to give you in their sharing time with us. Beloveds, have the knowing that this is a manifested vision of how we all are one. Those of you in Africa are connected to those in South America and are just as much Brothers and Sisters of this Universe as are the Aspen. So, it is no longer about your immediate group of people in your small circle, but it is about the wholeness of all of you. We are behind you all with love, though you can’t see us. Center yourselves in knowing you are not alone and isolation isn’t the way to share the light.
It is in your devotion to the Spirit of the Divine that will change your life and those around you. You need not run about throwing your words of Spirit in order to make your brothers and sisters believe, in fact that will many times make them run in the other direction. Walk your TALK! Set an example silently and have the knowing that those that need to see and hear will as they are prompted to notice by their own Guides and Guardian Angels. Your mission isn’t to convince another of the light, it is to live it with the deepest of convictions within you and your source. It is natural and it is 100% in the natural flow of the truth of Love in its highest sense. So, when you witness, speak softly through setting an example and know it is the most profound dedicated demonstration of Spirit that you can do.
It is when you all learn to love and share and be one with each other, that the peace and the truth of this new and glorious age will make herself known in such a beautiful and glorious way. Believe that this is here and walk in the light that you know is your divine gift to receive and give at will. You and I are Son’s and Daughters of the most high and though I have been in this incarnation for thousands of years, I still have lesson’s and am learning and adjusting with them everyday too. Bless the days that you wake up and have new opportunities to grow and as you learn to bless them, they will bring you more gifts and delights as has been foretold. Beloveds, dedicate yourselves to remembering cellularly that you are truly Ancient yourselves. You have all the memories and talents that you had in the times of Lemuria and before. Open up your hearts and minds to work in accord and help you to remember. Ask your Guides, Guardian Angels and all of us that are here for you, to help you to see, hear and know in a bold and clear way, the things that are most important for you and yours. We will show you the way, if you but believe. Ask and you shall receive. And so, I step back in love now and let you stay in the light of the Aspen grove throughout your day. It is a blessing to us to be here for you. And So It Is. Namaste.
Channeled through Letitia of Lemuria




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