Balance in the Universe

Beloved peoples of the surface of Gaia,
It is I, Zohar of Shamballa that has come forth again in gratitude and with joy in my heart to speak to you today. There has never been a stronger time in the history of mankind, to learn the meaning of “Love your neighbor as yourself.” And there has never been a stronger time for all of you to go within to examine your heart and mind together and connect with the source of you for your own truth. corazon-luminico
The dark has chosen many avenues to try to still bring the fear into its most high state of frequency as possible in the last struggle from them to keep control of the surface of Gaia. The time has come for you all to be aware and to shed as much love as you can into the environment around you. This doesn’t mean self sacrifice, beloveds, it means to use the well of Love deep within every being that is naturally yours by divine right, to flow in its natural pattern into your world. Imagine a world of Utopia. What a beautiful world this would be if you could bring this imagining into the physicality. So what if some will call you a “Paulianna” I think is your term? Wouldn’t you rather go by that Label than destroyer and fear bringer? Mother Earth has shifted and will continue to shift, choose how you wish to go, by growing with her, or moving on. It is critical now. dream state 2

There is balance in the Universe of dark and light. The Darkness has had control over the planet’s surface for 13 millennia, but that contract, (yes it was a contract to try an experiment upon the surface by the dark,) That Contract has expired and now the time has come for Light to prevail and conquer. There is a purpose for the balance in the Universe and it is not to be delved into by us in this message, just to allow you all to wrap your minds around the Fact that the time has come, beloveds, to stop being cattle or sheep that are herded and instead to stop, look, listen and process within your divine diamond heart and mind that are and always have been, the greatest tools of mankind for ascension. a2bbe6d726fe1109b34074af90f6a020

You have oh so much support of oh so many and the whole success of your growth into the 5th and on up to the 7th dimensions is going to effect the Universe in so many ways that are needed now. I have campaigned at the United Nations and all around the world in representation of the beings of inner earth and of the beautiful ones that have joined us in the sky. I can happily tell you that eyes are opening and there is going to be disclosure and prosperity and peace very soon. I understand that many of you are jaded and we of the higher vibrations, as asking you to not let that bring down your frequency but instead ask you to look again to the light and let it lift you. You have never counted more in the history of mankind and of your many, many incarnations, than you do at this time. 75d7fe1f89ef28932a77bc07a0418ca8

Make a deliberate attempt to communicate with your inner source, your own individual Guides and Guardian Angels about your questions and then after you are comfortable with that communication, then ask for more from outside sources, but ask for it in a way that you can process positively and in a bold and clear message. It is for you to knock and the door will open. This means to ask and then wait for the answers to be made known to you. The impact that this will have on your life is phenomenal and it effects all around you in a giant ripple effect. Each and everyone of us has a divine gift that is needed for all at this time. Ask what you gift is should you have questions for it to be made clear for you, and never, never belittle this gift because there is no one that is greater than another, nor any gift that is better than another. Make it your path to walk, talk and speak with integrity and truth and you will find your way. 68e787a939d78acfc32dbe1749927515

You have tools all around you to use that cost not a thing. Light, Trees, Rocks, the Crystalline grid, Your very Breath of life within you, your physical body is a beautiful tool to have and honor, Angels, Water and so much more. You need not pay great amounts to find you truth or tools to use to find your answer. Just BELIEVE and LISTEN and TRUST what you FEEL. Let go of the fears that you are imagining things that are true messages as they come to you. Your imagination is key to your Ascension. So, hug that tree, (and then wink at your neighbor as he begins to wonder about your sanity,) sit on that boulder outside and commune with it in asking its truth, Breathe the breath of life with purpose into your body temple and then let it out in the knowing you are releasing old and moldy things that no longer serve you. Smile often and laugh often, this raises the frequency of your light body in the highest of manners and uplifts so many. Your challenge, beloveds, is to focus on the positive and send light to the negative in the blessing that you know its there, but in has never served you. As you take these steps, we also hold the same thoughts, prayers, dreams and light for you as light representatives above and below. Just remember little simple truths. ‘Knock and the door will open. Seek and ye shall find.” “Believe and you will receive.” and as you “Share the Gifts God has Given to you, Miracles Will Happen, Out of the Blue!” I Guarantee this for you. Make these statements into your own mantras that ring true to your own cellular BEing and you will change the world. We are with you. And So It Is. Your Beloved Brother, Zohar of Shamballa40180621646374343_VymOFZiv_c

In Love and Light,
Letitia of Lemuria
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