Never a Better Time

Dearly Beloved Souls,

It is I, Zohar of Shamballa and I come to you today with this deep message of love for you all. You see beloveds, Love is all there is. It is the answer to all things. We of the inner earth have been observing how many, many of you are feeling that you are taking one step forward in your lives and getting to step then two steps back. This is not a sign that all the promises that have been made to you about this being Man kinds time, are wrong. This is just a greater sign to you all that you are on the cusp of great change. 92b341b6487ff8b56dd30fb91dd43774

When your children come to you crying because they have been teased, hurt or bullied in any way. Many of you try to strengthen your children with that old phrase of “Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but names and faces never hurt me.” Right? It is a simplistic way of getting your children “toughened up,” shall we say. Yes? These souls that deliver these hurts are far more hurt inside than you are and we ask you to stop, breathe and then redirect your thoughts into the knowing that you never have to accept another persons picture of you. This is where you teach your children the truth behind these attacks and to teach them that everyone has a story and the ones that attack must really be hurting terribly inside.

There is never a better time on the surface of the planet to share and spread the love. There is much fear over these illness “outbreaks” and the violence of war. This is the time for you all to acknowledge the dysfunction and have the knowing that the fear that is being spread is only a part of some of the last vestiges of chaos and fear that the “lost ones” have been ruling by for the last 13 millennia. This is the time to realize that what is being projected out for you in your media is an illusion and it is the power that you choose to give it that will make it grow. I am not saying that these things are not happening, but they are being blown way out of proportion in the attempts to cause all the pain and agony that the “lost ones” can get out of you to feed off of that energy.  You see, these “lost ones” are what many of you are beginning to recognize as “Psychic Vampires.” Use discernment not judgement in theses cases. The more energy that you block from them, the faster they will learn to turn to the truth for themselves. abe8c1b7b46fa8702f7da8279e987bb3

There are many of you that are finding yourselves attacked by people that are in your daily lives for no seeming reason. These people are not fully in their bodies and only create lies and stories of their lives to make themselves feel better, trying to find a part of themselves that they feel is missing and believing that if they tear another down, they will feel better. They have no knowing that they were never really lost. But these souls, for some reason, have given power to their good away to the dark. The light can always and will always return to them. But it isn’t your responsibility to give of your light to show them the way. Always use light to protect yourselves before you venture into the world. Light is energy, Light is Love, Light is what all beings are made of. The highest way to keep your body and etheric field clean and in the highest of vibrational frequencies is to work with the light in faith. Everything is energy of some form and operates at different frequencies. When you give power of your thoughts and emotions to another, you bring yourself down several vibrational frequencies. Make it your deliberate dedication everyday to never give anyone power of how you lead your life.

It is light and love that will always bring you peace and show you the way, the truth and the life. We who live in Cities of Light have a hard time understanding that you all have forgotten that light and love are the way of life. But we have also seen your struggles over the many millennia, with the dark and we are so deeply amazed at how you have forged ahead and the muck that you have waded through all this time. Beautiful Beloved Ones, Breathe in the Light that we of inner earth and the Universe send you with so much love. We support you and you are not alone. 1470371_673733605980170_387889850_n

Always, always go within and connect with your source, it is the place that you will have the Knowing of Love and Light in its highest form for you. This is a place that there is no hurt and there is always the truth to direct your life by. There is no higher time than the present to follow the light and to learn to work with it in a dedicated pattern of love. It is the way that Jesus taught and all of the other Ascended Masters wish to help you with too. Open up your heart and mind to the possibility that you can connect to this light within and you will find the greatest of all places to continue to explore and delight you. That place is within you, beloved ones. It isn’t out there, it isn’t found in another being or in a situation or thing that you so desire. The Light is within you. The Love is within you. The Unexplored Universe is within you. As you find the Light and learn to trust your source within, you will begin to see it’s reflection upon your outer world in joyous ways.

As you work with the light in love, you will begin to not be so affected by the ones that seem to wish you ill will. Mostly, they are just envious of your light and wish to take it in the only way that they know how. Protect yourself daily with light. Call in the beautiful Pure White Light of Christ into your daily activities and ask it to be your guide in all that you do. Then call in the Golden Light of the Universe to guide and direct you, to transmute the negative that tries to creep in and to illuminate the positive that will naturally be attracted to you, as you work daily towards your higher vibrational frequency. Use these as a sphere around yourself and if you feel compelled to call in other light, then so do it, just ask that it blends well with the former light mentioned. Finally, call upon Archangel Michael to surround your light spheres with a Bronzed Shielding of light. This is very powerful and it will help to deflect negative energy from getting into your field of energy and you can even take that one step further and enforce it with a Silver Platinum Netting. Dedicate your life to this practice beloveds and you will not go wrong.  1476342_726691300674399_395362383_n

Now, don’t be surprised that once you dedicate yourself to this journey of light and love, that you may stir up more situations of challenge for yourself. Be at peace with this and have the knowing that it too is only a sign that you are on the right path and that you are clearing out and also testing yourself. Yes, beloveds, these are only tests that you have placed in the blue print of your lives to grow you. So the next time someone tries to hurt you or you seem to run into a streak of “bad luck,” pause and realize you are protected in the light and that this person, place or thing just needs your blessing. This isn’t to be misinterpreted as a sacrifice of self either. Just bless it and turn back to the light. That is all that is required. Send Blessings of light to the unrest in the world and to the people that have chosen to take on these illnesses and then have the knowing that you are in charge of the fear and it stops with you. This, This is how you will all come home to the light and we will welcome you with loving and open arms. We are but a call away beloveds. Never doubt your inner voice and the love it will give you as you empower it more everyday in the light. I send you love, beloveds and we are here. Namaste.3e4a4349dc330bb8569bcb7342d9bc12


In Love and Light,

Letitia of Lemuria

Letitia of Lemuria

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