Journey to your source with me

It is my mission to help others find their Source within and to see their gifts and to walk in their truth and light.  I am a natural born intuit, a healer of light and crystals and an undeniable belief that we are all here to help one another along the way. Let me help you and begin to help you unlock the Secrets of the Universe right there within you. I use light healing and crystal healing together with working with my Guides and yours to open up your heart and mind to become one in accord. With the tools that Spirit gives us to use together, we will begin to see your fears and the things that hold you back in this life and have held you back previously. Mother Earth becomes a pulse of energy in our readings too. With the help of Adama, High Priest of Telos, Zohar of Shamballa, Lord Ganesha, St. Germain and many other Ascended Masters, we can begin to help you to direct your life towards the truth you have always desired. Take this journey with me and I will help you with joy. I am but a vessel that Spirit works through and I pray everyday to be open for you. Explore my site and read channelled messages. Reach out to me and we can work together with delight. Until I hear from you. In Love and Light Always, Letitia of Lemuria or Email directly to 2nd image to use for Reading Ads


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