Are You Aware of Your Thoughts?

The New Divine Humanity

july2014jpg 3

Does something take place and you habitually go into a state of negative thinking?
Which includes worry, fear and thoughts of, I am not good enough, capable etc?
And do you blame those thoughts when you catch them on outer circumstances?

The outer triggers that ACTIVATE within YOU, that which arises, and that which arises is ALWAYS, ALWAYS,  for your Benefit!! Helping you to SEE if you will, What arises within YOU.

Stopping the Mind is not the way to go also. Many try to stop the thoughts. IF YOU will observe your thoughts from the space of the neutral Observer, you can see clearly where your energy, your thoughts have taken you and EMBRACE what actually is going on within you and then HOLD THAT IN LOVE.

Once this is mastered within you, the observer, embracing and holding all in Love, you can begin to extend this to Others…

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