Dearly beloved beings of the Surface,
It is I, Zohar of Shamballa that has joined with you today for this quiet moment of truth and reflection together. Come with me to the Meadow of Reflection in Telos, the beautiful Lemurian City inside Mt. Shasta. Breathe in the beautiful scents that the flowers give and hear the bee’s and butterflies going about their business of nurturing. Very nice.
This is the subject we will speak about today. Nurturing. Beloved beings you must nurture yourself from within to help those around you to attain the dimensional shift that we are all making at this time. Yes, we make the shift with you, we are of an ascended form, but there is never a stop in growth and it is our journey to help you and in so doing we will grow and advance to go beyond what we are. Our beloved Sananda, or as you call him, Jesus is still ascending. There is never a stop in growth, beloveds. There is only more and more as you progress.  You see it is all about the loving cycle of how life is really to be led. Helping and loving one another. We have always known that this time in evolution would come around and we are here. It is key that you know it is for the Ascension of the wholeness of the Universe that you all succeed and that is why we are making ourselves known more and more to all of you in so many ways. All you have to do is pick the way that sings to your heart and the vibrational pattern that resonates the most with your very cellular beings. You will know the path to your way. Trust yourself. We trust you. aa47f2df71c9bbbbbd93e31a52bf6a08
We wish to fill you with hope and the knowing that you are not alone, nor have never been alone in your journeys, though I truly acknowledge that you have had a long and hard road to travel upon the surface and we all wish you to feel our admiration for your strength and courage. The time has come for that hope to look to even brighter things and to feel the Lemurian spirit rise within you now. As you give rebirth to this spirit within, you will in turn, give hope to those that see the changes in you. You will become a magnet for the good that you have sought to long and to those that need a leader, you will show them the way. Are you ready to lead? A good leader doesn’t need to be good at speeches and mingle,  a good leader just needs to lead quietly by example. This is all that is required of you now to help the others of the surface around you. 526374_491913017543201_771980999_n
Keep the hope and love inside of you as a constant flame burning. Don’t let the anger of some of the people around you become your own and don’t claim their drama and stories as your own. Just show the love that you wish to hold for all peoples, in your heart space at all times and have the knowing that you are the light that can help lead others, as you dedicate yourself to love, hope and the future ascension of us all. Don’t fall into the hole of hopelessness that is trying to pull many of you down, through the last vestiges of dark that has ruled the planet’s surface for so long. When you feel yourselves lacking loving light within, always return to source and look to the inspiration that is given to you. There is always another that will show you the way, if you get lost, so never loose hope and always plan to nurture your soul and help others to nurture and sustain theirs along the way. 1481a5b91f6a4f4a827e66435b61a748
Open up your heart and mind to work in joy with your every breath of life. When you rededicate your life to the expansion of the wholeness of you, there is no way that you will be held back and will only climb higher as you seek to find truth within and give love and hope to others around you. Plan every day to become a beacon of light to help another along the way. Just make that statement to yourself and then go about your day with the knowing that as you have asked, so you will achieve and manifest as it is needed. Worry and stress are ascension downers, beloveds, so always redirect your thoughts to the light. It is something that you can truly train yourself to do and all you need do is call for help spiritually and you will be astounded at how you will receive help. For it is as you have asked, that you will receive, but if you ask and don’t believe, then you will be tripped up along the way too.  Nurture thyself, beloveds and you will know the way. Always feel and know we are here. And so it is. Namaste, Zohar of Shamballa05e9eae791b7db4b8166a03fa84c0cd9

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