Busy is an excuse to avoid source

Dearly beloved ones,
It is I, Zohar of Shamballa that has come to meet with you today.       I am ancient and I have lived for 250,000 years in this same body, yet I am the same as you. I am in you as you are in me. We are all one with the Whole and Divine one by the name of God. . Those of you that are reading this, are of the Ancients. There are no accidents and all things happen for a divine reason in your evolutionary growth. Just take a moment and breathe that in. Feel my presence with you. We are actually in a meadow that I love to greet this channel in. It is just outside of the city of Telos, within the Mountain you call Mt. Shasta.  Picture yourself here with me. See the butterflies and the bee’s and smell the flowers..oh how sweet it is. Can you hear the babbling brook behind us? Peace, joy and love and laughter can be found any time here for you. Breathe it in and relax. Ah…Yes, that’s nice. 533252_447675411970365_851810597_n

I have said before, and I will repeat it today. Strive to attain only love and harmony in your heart, mind and body and it will become so in your world and your light will shine with the truth that it is to be in. So many of you on the surface of the planet have such packed lives of hurry, go, go and do and you never just get that one chance to breathe and be still within. Many of you, I have noticed, seem to keep busy by staying as busy as possible and beloved’s it is so evident that you are only running from yourselves. It should be a joy to go within and find your source, but religion, government, society and many other outside worldly things make negative and shame and guilt such a fact of your lives, that it is all you can find within. Peace, beloveds. Stop running from yourself. LOVE THYSELF our beloved brother and leader Jesus said and it is oh so true. Yes, I walked with him on the surface for a time and we work together frequently. dream state 2

As I said about and I will touch on again, because it is oh so important for all of you reading this to hear. YOU are of the ANCIENTS and we that are here to support you are so delighted in your awakenings and honored that you have chosen us on this path towards your ascension. It matters not that you cannot remember this time lets say, that you spent in Lemuria, Atlantis or any of the other times of the great civilizations of this planet. What matters is that you just resonate with the words and you have the knowing that you are ready to manifest the ascension with your growth and achievements in this life. This life is the accumulation of every single existence that you have ever had before and is the highest, if you would only but remove the blinders and the doubt and accept that there is oh so much more and you already are what you wish to attain. corazon-luminico
Finding your inner Harmony is the task that is assigned to you in order to bring your magic into the world. “Peace, be still and know that I AM God!” What do those words mean to you? Beloveds, think for a moment. “I AM” is another way to say God. And when you use the words I AM in your mind, and your voice, you are creating that of GOD in your life! Therefore, I AM is a magic set of words to use as your magic wand in life and create in joy and happiness that which to dream of. By going within, you will learn to define to yourself what it truly is to be you! Stop the self doubt, this is the ego sabotaging your truth of self from you. It is the veil that the dark ones have been allowed to use to rule you on the surface for oh so long. Take back you harmony and love of life from them. They have been removed and the negative now in your world isn’t’ of power and is misguided to try to derail you by the last vestiges of the dark. No-one can find you inner harmony but you and you alone. You can read books, go to lectures and self help functions, but nobody can go within you, but you. Find your Harmony within beloveds, and you will find your truth. It was in joy that we met today. And though I leave you to contemplate my words, I will be back and we will work together with this again. It was a delight. Namaste, Zohar of Shamballagaia_energy1fd3b44b4e0b5d9b2b46890b596f7846d

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