Be all that you can be

Never has there been a greater time for us to strive to “Be all that we can be!” It is important the love that we have within be nurtured and blessed to grow to its natural grace that it was meant to be in our lives, in the light that the creator made us to be. It is in the dedication to the enrichment of your soul and to blessing the love you have to those around us in our everyday lives that will grow you and guide you. If you need a mentor, a teacher to help you along the way. Go within and ask your source to guide you to the right person or place that will inspire and direct your heart to greater enrichment and joy. It is in the joy and the inspiration that your gifts will grow and you will be a leader in this essential time for mankind. We need unity and light and we need to look beyond negative and evil appearances that seem to strive for our attention. It is our responsibility, as lightworkers, to be a part of the tsunami of love that has been asked of us. Ask yourself if you believe you have that in you. I know you do and I dedicate my life. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria  

I would love to help and inspire you.

Are you looking for deep intuitive insight that can help you with the ancient wisdoms that are our divine gifts naturally? Do you need help in connecting the dots in some challenge of your life? Letitia has great insight and natural connections to both our past and our futures. or EMail her directly with your Questions



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