Substance in Choices


Beloved ones,
It is I, Zohar of Shamballa to welcome you again. I wish for you to breathe in deeply and hold and then breathe out with me. Do this three times to get into the vibration of these words. Ahhhh, Yes, that is good. Those shoulders are coming down and you are feeling the peace.
Today we will speak about the Substance of life and the choices you make. This too can be made so simple in your life. Remember that Spirit is of God and Religion is of man. Religion is good, but religion is also the root of many of the evils on the surface of our beautiful planet today. The simplicity of living in your physicality and using the tools that God gave you to walk the path of love, is so boldly there for all to see, but the negative is so deeply ingrained in may of you, to stay focused on the negative and in so doing, give it power over the lives of you and yours. 20055160811960901_HdqTjpbM_b
I wish for you to stand up and close your eyes. Now, beloveds take your arms and hands as beautiful tools of magic and place them above your head. Now pull the Pure White Light of the great central sun down into your body and dance your hands around in a way that sings to your soul, while doing this action. Run this all the way through your beautiful bodies and then anchor deeply into the central sun of Mother Earth. Good. Now, ask yourself what you saw as you did this. I bet you will tell me that your imagination kicked in much larger than it has before. Yes?
This channel visions herself dancing and honoring the DNA of her body systems, yes, all 77 of them (lesson for another day,) and then she sees the strands being reconnected in the light, (the strands that were disconnected for you all, so many millennia ago.) If this is the vision that is good for you, then use it. See your Telomirs on both sides of your DNA begin to radiate in beautiful baby blue radiant  light. Then see your strands as beautiful pink lights of the same glowing vibration. Isn’t it lovely?
Your arms and hands in prayer and visualizations have more power to add and magnetize, than have ever been given credit before. For so long, surface peoples in the western world, especially have been taught to hate and abuse their bodies, but in fact the body is the magic of living life here on earth. Think of how the Hawaiians use their hands in dance, and many other Indian cultures do too. This is because they remember! They remember when life was uncomplicated and the simplicity of guiding your prayers through using the body as a tool, instead of cursing it. Bodies come in so many shapes and sizes, both on and within this beautiful pearl and in our Universe too. There is no one right or wrong shape to have! 13474
Back to the choices and substance of life. It is your choice, every moment of everyday to see negative or positive. This is very simple, but so many have gone on auto pilot, that they are always streamed into that negative radio wave around them. The time to awaken is here, beloveds. Choose to awaken every morning and shine. It is simple as that. Spirit is abundant and radiant all around you, whether it be in your cities, or your countries and world. Spirit left signs on the tools to use in your ascension, all around you, it is your choice to open up your hearts and minds to see them. That simple.
The substance of life is the flow of life. It is the oldest and purest energy of the Universe and all you need to do is make it a habit to tap in. I have heard that on the surface, it used to take 21 days to create a habit. Now, as time has sped up, it only takes 14 days to create a habit. Isn’t that wonderful for all of you! Do you think that you can dedicate yourselves to tapping into the substance, the flow of the way, the truth and the light for just 14 days? I believe that you can. 936911_295085853960929_665998376_n
This is part of removing the veil that has covered your truth for so long. Take your power back and see the substance in the leaves on the trees, the blades of grass, the grains of sand, the smile on a strangers face, and most importantly, upon the every breath you take. Make a mantra about the substance of the Universe all around you to focus on and resignal you to get into the choice of working towards your divinity in the level that you chose to place for yourself in the blue print of this lifetime. Choose to love yourself, beloveds. I do. There are countless of us that are here to help you. Choose to call upon us and ask us to communicate with you boldly and clearly. No longer are there exclusive rights to hearing and receiving messages. You all have the gift and talent. Open up your arms and receive! Your substance is not elusive and is always there to be tapped into. Believe in yourself, I do. It is key to open up your heart and mind together to tap in.
As you do this, bring in the light for protection and guidance. Spirit is light. You are light. Light is everywhere present in the Universe. It is the second highest common denominator in the universe to Love. All beings have some form of light in their spiritual practice. Learn to incorporate it in all you do. Use your body as a tool to open up your source and the river of life will magnetize for you.  It is in the wholeness of you that you will find all the substance that you need to do what you came here to accomplish. You are light.
Namaste. I am ZoHar of Shamballa and I am Zohar of the Light, as are you of the light.1be27595861f16bc031813a76e517b53

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