Zohar’s Loving Message

Dearly Beloved Beings,

This is Zohar of Shamballa and today I bring you a message of love. Close your eyes beloveds and just breath in my presence and the presence of your wonderful Guides and Guardian Angels that are always with you in every moment of your physicality on the surface of the planet. You stand at a pivotal moment in the evolution of mankind, but not only for you on the surface of this great Mother Earth, but also for all peoples and beings of the Universe.

Over the last several decades, you have come to realize that we are here for you and your path is our path. Yes, this is true and it always has been that our paths are one. Because, you see beloved ones, there really was never any separation between us and you. Know you not the number of times you have walked in the physicality and what miracles you have done in just being you? We are all Sons and Daughters of the Most High. This is what we wish you all to focus upon and grow with. Our creator is a loving one and he cherishes the butterflies as well as the blades of grass and the men and women that walk upon them.

Beloved ones, there is nothing that you can do that is walking away from the light, that cannot be healed and redirected to be back on the path of love. All of us have wondered at one time or another. Yes, there is a valley for each of us that have ascended, that was dark and we made it through with the knowing that our creator was leading us and never left us. When you stumble and take some backward steps, breathe deeply and do not be cruel to yourself and beat yourself up. Just redirect yourself and realize that you never left the light in the first place. That is right. The light never leaves you and when you understand that there is no judgement against you for stumbling along the way, then you will begin to have more understanding for your brothers and sisters that walk beside you and realize that they too may stumble and fall, but you will help to hold the light for them. Then take the steps to forgive and release the person that has transgressed against you. This is a must, and as you learn to do it, it does become easier.

It has been our path within Mother Earth and in the Universe, all these past dark millennia for you on the surface, to send you love and peace in ways you could understand and accept. You have never been alone. We walk amongst you even now. You say, how can this be that I would miss a 22 foot man or a 12 foot one. Beloveds, when we walk with you, we are able to shape shift some to not be so intimidating and to become your friends in your own environment. When you come here to Shamballa to visit us, and this will be sooner than you think, we will appear as we truly are, but you not be scared of us then either because you will know the truth. You see, many of you have already walked with us before.

Unlimit yourselves, beloveds. Know that there is no mountain that is too high for you to climb. The more you learn to call upon us and the energy of light to help you along the way, the more you build that faith as the mustard seed from your bible and the more you make miracle waves in your world to help change it.

Yes, the world looks bleak right now, if you watch your news and focus on what they feed you. Did you hear what I said? That they feed you. There is still news fed to you with propaganda to place you into fear and doubt. There are still beings that feed off of that energy. Do you wish to give them energy? Use your own discernment on world affairs and know it is good to be informed, but do not get caught up in the fear. You are protected and we within Shamballa have always valued you and your brethren. There are stories we could tell you of the visits we have had here by mankind. And there are many that choose to stay. But the time has come for you to realize we are here and have constantly shared the light with you.

So, when you stumble and fall, do not beat yourselves up. Instead, love yourself, purge yourself immediately of anger and unforgiving feelings and then brush yourself off and walk with your head held high in the knowing that you are loved and guided always in the perfect light and it never left you. It is the illusion of the love being taken away that trips one up. There are still dark beings upon the surface that love to take ones energy in making one doubt their path and then sucking that turmoil up as their own energy. These beings leave you feeling alone and confused and that you are somehow disconnected from the truth and will never find your way back. These beings are getting good at disguising themselves as spiritual people. You see, it is an easy way to slip in and trip up a true student of the path of goodness.

They love to direct you with fear and fill you with false prophesies. Watch their actions in life. Study their lives and what they have produced for themselves before you fall into their story wholeheartedly. These beings will have you coming and going and not know where to turn, if you let them. And boy do they love to dwell in that energy. But again I say, study the results of their life. Those that talk too much and act all knowing, usually are the ones to clue into for this deception. They lure you in with seeming love and flattery and then boom, they start turning on you in the most unexpected ways. These are the ones we are warning you to watch. Those that are truly on the path are filled with light and don’t go running around spouting it out. They just do their best to walk their words in their life to the fullest of their intent.

The worst thing you can do in these situations, once you realize what one of these people have done in your life, is to beat yourself up. We all have done these things and been misled. Yes, I too, Zohar of many, many years in this body, have made some mistakes too. This is what feeds my love for all of you even more. I understand. Allow yourself to purge after one of these times of hurt and then brush yourself off and realize deeply, the light never left you and you are always one with the Great I Am. There is no separation. There is only love and light.

As we all go forth in this time of change for our beautiful planet and the many things that are going on around us, have the knowing that you are not alone. Talk to us and we will communicate with you in a way you will understand. You but need to ask. Let go of your stuff, beloveds and commit yourselves to walking into the new world in a higher light and know you deserve the love you are receiving and about to receive in an even greater way. Keep the hope and light alive in your lives, beloveds and know we are here.


Zohar of Shamballadream state 2


In Love and Light,

Letitia of Lemuria



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