Always has been

It is and has always been about vibrational frequency, love, energy and light. It is the illusion of the concrete things in our lives and how we allow them to take hold over us, that is what creates the energy of all the first four and how it returns to us in solid form.

If we could but reverse our thinking and begin within and connect to the One Powerful and True Source of all things in this Universe, what a beautiful world we could create. Try everyday to develop the inner strength and abilities to go first within in all that you do and what you will see in one month from this dedication, will simply amaze you.

You will be challenged and some days will be harder than others, but continue to acknowledge these feelings, bless them to the light and ask them to process the truth for you to see. Life is to be lived in joy and love and harmony. Dismiss the chaos that is trying to wrangle your attention from all around you in our world. Instead vow to be one of the first to return to our natural heritage of creating the utopia that has been promised to us so long ago.

I believe! Return to the love of all things in your world. There is no real separation between you and what you desire. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria

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