Love the Children

Teach your children Love and show them the way to believe in themselves and the path to have for an abundance of joy in their lives. Teach them that magic comes from within. Show them how to see the miracles that come from just one small spark of joy, love and light. Teach them to say grace and give thanks for the little things in life, that they might grow.
By showing them how to go within and learn to trust the answers they hear, they will learn to receive and begin to see the everyday miracles that are ordinarily missed in life. Introduce them to the Masters and ask the Ascended Masters to help you in guiding and leading your children on their paths.
Gain a relationship with them and show them you trust spirit by walking your talk in your everyday life. Show them that you trust Spirit enough to let the Guides and Guardian Angels lead you in life and show them the magical path to remembering and to unlocking the gifts that they have within. You see, before this life, you chose these children to be with you, walking in faith and delight of spirit is the path you both chose to go. It is in delight that we are parents and it is in delight that your children chose you. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria

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