The Path you choose

Yes, we all have the right to choose that path to our own ascension and yours may be different than mine. Blessing and honoring others path is key to helping you along the way. Again, do not focus on the media and pain that is brought to your attention via devices in your everyday world. If you see these things, make a point to bless them and release them. Dwelling only creates and magnifies that same situation and vibration for you and consequently those that share your world with you. Become an Earth Angel to those in your life and accept the truth of the light that is trying to shine forth in your life. 99 tenths of a battle to achieve something is to see it and know it. Allow spirit to guide you through it and lead the way. It is that Faith as small as a mustard seed that will become your beacon in the night. Granted, some peoples salvation/beacon’s are bolder and quicker than others, but you have no idea what they may have harrowed in their own life’s journey to achieve that victory you so wish to have. Never look at your neighbors journey and think that they have had it easy until you hear their whole story. Walk in light and you will be guided in the ways you will understand. Clear the doubt and see the way. In Love and Light, Letitia of LemuriaImage Check out specials for intuitive guidance Buy 2 get one free phone reading/ Written and light encoded readings at awesome benefits too.


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