Allowing the Good

Allow the good to flow in your life is a choice you make in every moment. What you think, say and do effect your tomorrows. You can explain something that may happen to you off, but all effects all! A good thing to remember is that when you talk about others, you are only talking about yourself. To tear down another for something is only bringing that kind of a situation onto yourself. If someone comes to you with a harsh word of another, politely tell them that you do not wish to carry on this conversation in the pattern it is, or if you decide they need to dump. Do not contribute, but instead listen, and then bless the situation in your mind. Verbally allow the person to download and then Do Not Add to the negativity, but just tell them that you are going to pray about it for them, or hold good thoughts. Maybe they needed an ear. But NEVER get yourself drawn into the venom of harsh words about another. Being loving and supportive of another doesn’t mean to lower your vibration to the situation at hand. It is about holding the light and vibrational frequency in that high light for them to rise up to. All people can do this. Keep the faith for them and that is your biggest thing you can do for them. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria

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