Drama and the choice

The more you allow the Drama of life to get you carried away and all tangled up, the more you create stuff that you’d just rather not have in your life. When drama knocks at your door, what do you do? Do you immediately cave and go into turmoil, which is what Drama feeds off of, or do you pause and give it to your Guides and Guardian Angels in the trust of the Pure White Light give to us by The One that came to guide our way. The more you learn to pause and reflect on how you wish to let the Drama effect your life, the more you will control and direct your life in peace and harmony, therefore helping your brothers and sisters of this planet follow the same path to peace. It is a choice to follow the path of Drama or the path of Peace. As soon as you commit yourself to the Light and choose to follow the Peace, it becomes and easier and easier choice every time Drama knocks at the door. Allow yourself the knowing that you are the one in control, not the circumstances that are only visual to the naked eye. It is the unseen peace that will lead you and yours to the loving path of harmony. This is the path to our Ascension. I dedicate my life. In Love and Light, Letitia of LemuriaImage

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