Stand back and watch your brothers and sisters upon Earth. Have you noticed that there is a urge to join in oneness that seems to be a stronger and stronger light in all? It is a beautiful step towards wholeness and light and it is a great feeling of being drawn into the flow of going towards greater expansion of light and deeper spiritual awareness for all. I have seen a greater awareness and I am blessing it to you. Have the knowing that you have been born in great times and that you always have been and always will be, for there is no ceasing in existence of you. This body, this moment in time is so tiny compared to what you soul has lived and will be living. There is no ending and this is the oneness with the Christ Spirit at all times. Make it a point to rise and shine and bless all with the beauty of living in the flow and the now moments and feeling unity with one another. As more souls join in unity, we will be closer to that magical ascension that has been promised to us. It is no longer about me, it is about us and my wish for you is love, peace and serenity. In Love and Light, Letitia of LemuriaImage


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