Radiating the Light of Love

Begin to feel the power of God in everything that you do. Dedicate your life to walking in the harmony that is your divine right naturally. Radiate that light out to your brothers and sisters of this planet and have the knowing that all things are in harmony surrounding you. Use the power of God within you to bless others and know that as you do so, you are blessing yourself. Be not afraid of change in your life. Embrace it as a natural gift of love and light in the knowing that life is change and the Universe is always changing and growing. There is no fear in the new and release uncertainty and walk forth into change with courage. Spirit always guides us to a better and higher expression of ourselves and it is up to us to be open and willing. Release what no longer serves you in life and accept new life with love, integrity and right thinking. Embrace life in joy, love and laughter. This is my prayer for you. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria



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