Rejoice in the Universe

Have the knowing that you are a loving and loved child of the Universe as you go about your everyday life. As you begin this practice, you will soon start feeling the love in all you do and from all you have contact with. Just begin to accept beauty, love, peace, abundance and joy into your world and the lives of those you love daily and the delight of this practice will build your faith and wisdom moment to moment with your devotion and time you give it. Open up your heart and mind to receive and rejoice in the blessings that come your way. As you see the little blessings that happen all around you, they will grow and multiply and soon become everyday life for you and yours. Rejoice ahead of time for the riches of the Universe that God has shed upon you and you will never go wrong. Lovingly accept new people into your life and if need be, let go of old and worn out relationships when needed too. Do all this in faith and know that it is for the good of all that you dedicate your life to sharing these secrets of the Universe with all you touch. In Love and Light, Letitia of LemuriaImage


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