When focusing on the Flow of Abundance all around you; Make sure to not think that it has to come in a certain way through certain stipulated channels. “There is no numbering of the avenues through which supply may come to you.” Expect your supply from all avenues of life. As you do, you will find it crowding upon you in new and different ways. Unlimit the Universe and you unlimit yourself and all ties that may bind you. Unlimit your family and friends by removing labels of them from your mind. Remember that as you label something or someone, you become bound by that label too. Just note these things, and then reroute your mind and heart to the abundance all around you again. Make it a note to bless all things good and then bless the good to come from all other situations or people, though you may not see it at the time. Work with the magic of your mind and heart in accord and then realize that your thoughts and words are your magic wand in life. Stand back and soak that in. Your thoughts and your words are your magic wand in life. This once again brings you back to the power that you have within. It is all about connection and faith in your source. The One of All. In Love and Light, � Channeller of Ascended Masters, Psychic and Healer of LightImage


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