Mira of the Pleiadian High Council, Message for March, 2014… “Fear is one of the biggest obstacles to your Ascension and consciousness… [and] is nonexistent in the higher dimensions”

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mira_logo_1 Speaking with Andrew Eardley (of Golden Age of Gaia ) last night (his morning), I spoke with him about one of the marvelous kitties who lives at my current place. This cat was actually the first being to meet me when I first viewed the property. Her name is Mira (they (the humans here) say it “my-ra”) (photo at the end of my comments here). Immediately I felt she was a Galactic cat, and the first words that came from my mouth were, “Mira, the Pleiadean”.

So then last night Andrew mentioned this recent post he had put up here, from “Mira of the Pleiadean High Council”. I looked at this today, and felt quite strongly that the message is very appropriate for these moments.

This “fear” thing is often “rampant-ized”, i.e., being thrown all over the place right now. “Obama this”, “Putin that”, “World War is breaking out”, “Asteroids…

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