The biggest thing that we can do wrong for ourselves to trip out of the natural flow of life, is to label a person or situation as “Bad, or Evil.” It is our duty to look at situations/people and use discernment in the wisdom of God, but when we label things, we limit not only that thing or person, but ourselves too. Labelling is part of Judgement and that is the fine line we take towards manifesting more problems and walking away from the light of good. Discernment is natural, judgement is limiting.  Labelling and judgement is done so unconsciously by all of us, at times. And the greatest thing you can do your yourselves and our world is to get in the habit of stopping those labels before they take root.

There is always, always a spark of truth and light in all people and situations. When you train yourself to focus on finding the light and sharing it with those around you, you will begin to see more and more everyday miracles in your world. If 10 people took the time to dedicate themselves to achieving the benefits of this practice for one month, and then had the knowing the it would benefit and touch others lives tenfold, what do you think our world would look like then? Yes, this is the way we are to live life and have our natural BEing. Not in division, but with harmony, love and light in the flow that is always ours. By learning not to label and to live in your now moments, you will create miracles beyond compare.

Challenge yourself to walk forth today and bless your world instead of labelling it. It only takes a small pebble thrown into a still pond to make many waves and continue to do so. Meditate and see that image in your mind and allow your Third Eye to become friends and at peace with it. Then ask your higher self to work in tandem with you in being vigilant on noting how you label and then give you the tools that you need to bless and love all situations and all people. All you have to request is that your answers be made bold, clear and painless to you and I guarantee you will begin to make leaps and bounds in changing your life. Dedicate your life. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria Channeller of Ascended Masters, Healer of Light and Psychic Intuit Image


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