Karen Doonan – God message to humanity – Dreams of the Human Race – 3-10-14

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dream state 2

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Karen Doonan


Beloved ones I use the context of GOD to communicate with you for the human logical mind has no reference point to my energies so I use the context in order that you can align with my energies and you can allow this energy to be processed through your HEART space for the HEART KNOWS TRUTH.  I come to speak through this channel and to expand on my earlier communications for the energies now begin to heighten and to expand and the rapid birth of the dreams of the human race now begin to take shape and begin to form.  This is a personal and unique experience and the letting go is the topic that I wish to communicate with you at this moment. For within the old 3d earth created reality you were TAUGHT at all moments of all moments to HOLD ON, whether…

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